Glutamic acid in the planning of pregnancy

Glutamic acid in pregnancy planning - instructions for use, contra-indications and reviews

Glutamic acid plays an important role in the process of family planning. Usually it is included in a complex of multivitamins, which appoint a pregnant woman. However, the best option will be the use of glutamic acid by a future mother even before conception.

This protein saturates the cells with oxygen, activates blood circulation and oxidation-reduction processes. Already during pregnancy, glutamic acid is prescribed in the event of a circulatory disturbance in the placenta or fetal hypoxia.

Glutamic acid is part of a complex of vitamins that is prescribed when planning pregnancy in cases where women have irregular menstrual cycles and rare ovulation. Treatment is prescribed according to a special scheme, which coincides with the menstrual cycle.

In the first half of the menstrual cycle, you should take vitamin E. It is necessary for the full preparation of the endometrium for the implantation of the oocyte. Vitamin E stimulates its growth. In addition, in the first half of the cycle prescribed folic acid, which is used to prevent abnormalities in the development of the unborn child. Folic acid is also necessary for the correct formation of the central nervous system in the fetus.

According to the scheme of treatment during the second half of the menstrual cycle, doctors prescribe glutamic acid and a dose of vitamin E, increased three-fold. When the menstruation starts, they take vitamin C - it strengthens the blood vessels and reduces the blood flow during menstruation.

There are a number of vitamins that doctors prescribe when planning pregnancy, but all this is done according to an individual scheme. The specialist should take into account all diseases, including sex, and also to know about the possible shortage of individual vitamins in the patient's body.

You can not talk about the priority of those or other vitamins used in pregnancy planning, since the effectiveness of their use depends on many factors. The optimal time to start treatment is six months before the possible conception. Vitaminotherapy is recommended for most women.

Whether or not to take glutamic acid when planning pregnancy - it's up to each pair to decide for themselves. On Internet forums, women are beginning to doubt the safety of glutamic acid intake because the instructions to this drug do not indicate its prophylactic properties.

In any case, the main thing when planning a pregnancy is caring for yourself, a properly composed diet, walking outdoors. This way of life will help not only prepare for the bearing of a future child, but also will give birth to a healthy baby.

With an irregular cycle and rare ovulation, it is recommended to undergo vitamin therapy, which will ensure successful conception and good health not only of yours, but also of your baby.

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