Glycerin suppositories after birth

Glycerin suppositories after delivery - indications for use

Characteristics of suppositories

The main component of rectal suppositories is glycerin. This substance promotes irritation of the intestine in a mild form, which, in turn, causes a urge to defecate. Candles lubricate the anus, soften the stool, while stimulating intestinal peristalsis. As a result, excretion of feces from the body is accelerated and facilitated.

Glycerin suppositories belong to the category of safe drugs. They are allowed to be used in pregnancy at all times, and when breastfeeding. They are even available in dosages for babies.

Glycerin itself refers to the category of trihydric alcohols. It has a viscous consistency, colorless. In pure form, this substance was first obtained by the Swedish chemist Scheele, when he was saponifying fats. The fatty base and property of glycerin to mix with water cause its use in cosmetology and medicine. Glycerin is actively and often used as a component of cosmetics, self-moisturizing the skin, removing its irritation, softening the stool.

The harmlessness of glycerin as a medicinal component is based on its property to be oxidized in our body, to turn into water and carbon dioxide. But in its pure form, the substance due to rapid oxidation has an annoying property. It softens when combined with water or petroleum jelly. Glycerin itself reduces the irritating effect of many drugs. The substance is almost not absorbed into the skin. However, the mucous membranes penetrate well.

So, glycerin slicks facilitate defecation, and as a result of bowel cleansing, the pressure in the hemorrhoidal veins decreases. Their puffiness decreases. This serves to prevent the stagnation of blood - a phenomenon that leads to thrombosis of hemorrhoids.

Rectal suppositories begin to act immediately after their introduction into the anus. And such promptness is the advantage of the drug. Its shell dissolves rapidly. The softening of stool begins, the intestinal walls are irritated with carbon dioxide and water. Approximately in 20-30 minutes there is a urge to defecate.

It is worth knowing about the side effects of suppositories. This is a slight burning sensation in the anus. It should also be taken into account that with prolonged use of suppositories with glycerin, habituation to them is developing. That is, without candles to go to the toilet will already be difficult.

Women after the birth, who have an acute form of hemorrhoids, can not use glycerin suppositories. Contraindications include paroprokitis, intolerance to glycerin and cancers of the rectum.

How to use suppositories after birth

This remedy is indicated to women with hemorrhoids, which is combined with constipation. Use candles is necessary to stimulate defecation, if it is absent for 2-3 days. If a woman is concerned about prolonged constipation, then experts advise taking laxatives or using enemas.

With short constipation, glycerin suppositories are one of the simplest remedies. Nursing mothers, they are ideal, because glycerine itself is non-toxic, it is not absorbed into the blood.

According to the instructions, the suppository should be freed from the contoured package, then inserted into the rectum. Carry out manipulation is recommended 20 minutes after eating. Experts advise women to do this after breakfast and take into account that after about 30 minutes it will be necessary to empty the intestines.

If glycerol suppositories provoked a pain syndrome, which can occur with a strong stimulation of the intestinal wall, then it is eliminated with the help of microclysters with vegetable oil.

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