Gooseberries during pregnancy

Gooseberries during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of consumption

Benefits and harm of gooseberry during pregnancy

From childhood we know that berries are rich in vitamins. Gooseberries include magnesium and zinc, potassium and iron, calcium and phosphorus. It contains vitamins A and B, C and E, PP. By the way, vitamins are in the berry under the skin, and this must be taken into account, who likes to rip it off when using gooseberry.

All of the above components are helpers in the metabolism of the future mother. Gooseberries strengthen the nervous system and strengthen the vessels. Vitamins C and B in its composition reduce the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, and pregnant women are characterized by an increase in blood pressure and varicose veins. Gooseberries coping with excess weight problems, because it has a lot of vitamin C. In pregnancy, this berry is a good helper in the treatment of colds, and all thanks to the same vitamin C. Gooseberries fights anemia and raises hemoglobin, in what often need future mothers. The diuretic effect of berries is also used in diseases of the kidneys. Gooseberries also help with constipation, since it has a laxative effect.

Caloric content of gooseberry is low, and therefore it can be fully used in dietary nutrition of women who gained excess weight during pregnancy. It is only 40 kilocalories per 100 grams of product. Gooseberries are the ideal product for unloading days during pregnancy.

But we must always remember that the diuretic effect of gooseberries can damage if berries are abused. Active use of gooseberry is contraindicated to future mothers who suffer from diarrhea.

And gooseberries can also cause poisoning in pregnant women. After all, often in the fight against pests, this berry is treated with chemicals. If you use bought gooseberries unwashed, it is possible to do yourself harm in the form of poisoning and stomach problems.

Never eat gooseberries with plums. And the reason is, This combination hinders the absorption of food. Then a woman can suffer from diarrhea. It is also not recommended to combine this berry with yogurt or yoghurt, as some women do in order to saturate the sour milk product with vitamins. The laxative effect of both products always has a negative effect on the stomach.

You also need to be careful in the use of gooseberry, if the body suffers allergy to food. Perhaps during pregnancy it will manifest itself on this product. Therefore, the first portion of gooseberry in the period of bearing a child should be small. And then it can be increased. But in any case, observe the measure.

Possible use of gooseberry during pregnancy

Variety in the menu of the future mother will bring a kissel from gooseberry. It is prepared simply and useful for diarrhea. And with constipation pregnant women to the proceeds will come the juice of gooseberry. After all, it has an easy laxative and diuretic effect. For this reason, nutritionists are advised to use & frac12; a glass of juice in the morning. It will be useful for those future mothers who have problems with the kidneys.

The combination of the juice of gooseberries with honey in a proportion of 7: 1 is recommended for those women on whose body during pregnancy there are rashes. To drink such juice it is necessary as a dessert for 100 grams daily.

The content of vitamins E, A, C in gooseberry slows the aging of the skin. This means that for a future mother gooseberries will be a good cosmetic. He opposes the development of skin problems, in particular pigment spots, which often covers the face of a pregnant woman. The mask of gooseberry has an excellent effect. To do this, you can use the usual rubbing of the skin with several berries or combine puree from gooseberry with honey, aloe, protein. In order for the mask to be thick, it can be kneaded with oatmeal. This will be beneficial for oily skin.

So, gooseberries are very useful in pregnancy as a food and a remedy. Cosmetic properties of berries can be used by all future mothers to maintain a smooth complexion and moisturize the skin.

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