Gravity in the abdomen during pregnancy

Gravity in the abdomen during pregnancy - causes and treatment

Causes of severity in the abdomen of expectant mothers

Most of pregnant women complain of heaviness in the abdomen during pregnancy. The causes of this discomfort are many, but often it is the growing abdomen itself, that is, the fetus growing in the uterus. In the early stages of pregnancy, weight in the abdomen is promoted by toxicosis, at later times - intra-abdominal pressure under the weight of the uterus.

Throughout all three trimesters, the cause of the severity may be gases, which accumulate in the intestine. Sometimes this weight is similar to the urge to urinate, that is, again the result of the pressure of the uterus on the bladder. There are cases when the heaviness in the abdomen or stomach of future mothers arises as a result of taking vitamin complexes.

All of the above causes of pain relate to non-obstetric reasons, and they do not pose a serious threat to either mother or child. But the second group of pains, obstetric, requires more attention. After all, they arise with ectopic pregnancy, premature detachment of the placenta, that is, with the threat of termination of pregnancy.

When a self-abortion threatens, a woman, as a rule, feels that the stomach is strongly pulled and accompanied by bloody secretions. In this case, you should immediately contact your doctor. The timeliness of medical care depends on the life of your child.

Severe heaviness and pain in the abdomen can be a signal for an ectopic pregnancy. This pathological pregnancy, when the fetus is attached and develops not in the uterus, but in the fallopian tube. Such a deviation is easily diagnosed by ultrasound examination. If ultrasound is not prescribed to you yet, the test shows pregnancy and sudden abdominal pains occur accompanied by dizziness, then this is an alarm signal. It can mean that a growing egg breaks the uterine tube, which causes severe pain. As a rule, this happens on the fifth-seventh week of pregnancy. With such symptoms, you should immediately call & bdquo; ambulance & rdquo; .

Gravity in the lower abdomen during pregnancy

When a pregnant woman has a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen is not accompanied by any other symptoms, do not worry. For the first trimester, this is quite normal, characterizing the growth of the uterus and increased blood flow. But there are certain alarming signs, in which the doctor should be treated immediately. These are pains, accompanied by bleeding, cramps and spasms.

At the late gestation period of the child (before 37 weeks of pregnancy), the heaviness in the lower abdomen is a signal of premature birth.

When the feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen does not go away for 4-6 hours, accompanied by vaginal bleeding, severe, dull pain in the lower back, regular contractions of the uterus, watery discharge from the vagina and the escape of amniotic fluid, the doctor.

Helping yourself

So, if the causes of pain are non-obstetric, then you need to be patient and try to ease your condition. First, reduce the portions of food and go to the fractional food. Secondly, you can try to use kefir, which facilitates digestion. Thirdly, enter into the diet raw fiber in the form of vegetables, fruits, often walk and go out into the fresh air.

If all this does not help, consult your physician and, perhaps, he will appoint you Gaviscon, Gastrofarm, Pancreatin, Festal.

Whatever the reasons for the severity of the abdomen, and no matter what term you feel, do not self-medicate! Your best assistant is an observant physician. His experience and professionalism will help you to ease temporary difficulties.

Patience to you and peace, future moms!

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