Gravity in the stomach during pregnancy

Gravity in the stomach during pregnancy - causes and treatment

It seems like you do not eat up to the dump, and do not abuse heavy food, and the stomach hurts and swells, as if the ball was swallowed. At the same time, other unpleasant sensations and symptoms can be annoyed, which are combined into a disappointing diagnosis - toxicosis.

Ordinary case

You may have begun to worry that the pain and heaviness in the stomach is a sign of some serious illness. But most of the future mothers call such symptoms, which means that not everything is so tragic. Of course, this condition can not be called a norm, and ideally there should not be any discomfort. But in life, the heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy is normal. Moreover, the reasons for the emergence of such a state during the period of bearing a child can be simply mass, and all are "legal", and the pregnancy itself is to blame for everything, as usual.

The severity of the stomach throughout the duration of pregnancy can occur almost at any time, each time for a different reason. But they are all related to the development of the baby, so you have to accept it.

As you know, from the moment of conception in the body of a woman there are multiple changes affecting the work of almost all of its organs and systems. First of all, the immunity of a future mother decreases due to an increase in the blood level of estrogen. And then changes in the stomach begin: acidity and intensity of gastric juice production, as well as enzymes, change. In addition, olfactory and taste buds are activated, which causes frequent urge to vomit and nausea accompanied by a swelling and a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.

All these processes lead to the development of toxicosis, which, among other things, is manifested by gastric pain and the onset of a feeling of heaviness. The woman experiences special discomfort after eating, although she eats very little. The stomach as though raspiraet from within, it becomes difficult to breathe, there can be desires to vomiting. Gravity in the stomach during pregnancy accompanies, as a rule, early toxicosis, but also can appear and with gestosis - in the third trimester. During this period in the female body, the growth hormone, which is necessary for the future baby, is intensively produced. This process is accompanied by increased production of hydrochloric acid, which leads to nausea and can cause a feeling of heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy.

In late pregnancy, the cause of discomfort in the stomach may be intra-abdominal pressure, which increases with the growth of the uterus and fetus. The cramped stomach makes itself felt with heartburn, pain and a feeling of heaviness.

Do not discount the other causes of this feeling, not dependent on pregnancy. In any case, such a state should not be left without attention. With a regular sensation of severity in the stomach during pregnancy, one should alleviate one's condition. The fact is that women often stop eating normally against the background of this symptom, fearing to overload the stomach and provoke pain, nausea and spasms. And malnutrition in the period of bearing a child is fraught with consequences. Experts say that if a woman experiences nutritional deficiency against the background of increased activity of hormones, she may develop a so-called anorexia nervosa, accompanied by a constant feeling of overflow in the stomach. In general, a vicious circle is formed.

Than help yourself?

To begin with, try to cope on your own. Despite the fact that the heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy arises regardless of the amount of food consumed, still reduce your portions and eat a fraction: quite a bit, but quite often, not allowing fasting. Refuse from fried, salty, spicy, smoked and other "aggressive" foods, in the general menu should be dietary, and dishes - mostly in liquid and soft form. Try in the morning before rising from bed to gnaw something light - cracker or biscuit biscuit. Abandoning bad habits can also help.

If the feeling of heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy is very bad, then tell your therapist or gynecologist about it. Perhaps he will prescribe you some medicine or he will send you to the gastroenterologist. The girls say, that they were helped in such cases by Gaviscon, Eubikor, Gastrofarm, Pancreatin, Panzinorm, Festal. But I would rather do without medication. Try to drink yogurt or eat a mandarin, for example - some women help. By the way, there are cases when the pain and heaviness in the stomach during pregnancy arise as a reaction to the vitamin complex taken. So be especially demanding on the drugs of this group. In any case, remember that after the birth, and very often - even in the second trimester, everything will disappear (if the severity in the stomach during pregnancy is related to your temporary condition). So if the situation is not critical, then you can put up. Be strong, mummies!

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