Green discharge after delivery

Green discharge after childbirth - causes and abnormalities

If restoration takes place without any complications, then the lochia do not have a sharp odor and do not cause any special discomfort. However, cases of the appearance of a green tinge of secretion, which indicates the presence of abnormalities, are not uncommon. What exactly happened, and how to be further, the doctor-gynecologist will help to understand.

Why does the green selection appear?

Lochids grow greener when pus appears in them. Accordingly, we should pay serious attention to this. Not all cases of green color characterizes the already progressive inflammation, sometimes this fact indicates that the secretions weakly leave, accumulate and begin to rot. And if you miss the time, it will take a long time to treat the problem that has arisen. Of all possible color gamut of postpartum secretion, the most alarming secretions are considered to be green ones. All because, with any gynecological disease after childbirth, the lochia will acquire such an unpleasant shade.

With a normal course of recovery, after a couple of weeks, the white-yellow lochia may appear in the parous woman without an unpleasant odor. If there is green, then perhaps it signals the development of endometritis, inflammation of the uterine membrane. This disease occurs in young mothers is quite difficult, as accompanied by an increase in temperature and sharp pain in the abdomen. Often this is due to a violation of the integrity of internal tissues, as well as with a slow recovery of the genitals. The secret in large numbers accumulates in the woman inside, which causes serious trouble.

When the birth took about two months after the birth, and suddenly a green tinge of discharge appears, this is an indication that the endometrium is in a sluggish state. Independently to be engaged in treatment it is not necessary. Most likely, the doctor will decide on the hospitalization of a woman and medical scraping.

When to beat the alarm?

As mentioned above, green discharge is a sign of a pathological process inside the female genital organs. Therefore, it is necessary to beat the alarm at once, because the inflamed inflammation does not promise the new mummy absolutely nothing good.

Especially dangerous is, in addition to color, the presence of a sharp unpleasant odor. These symptoms can indicate many diseases, such as chlamydia, gardnerellez, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea, thrush, trichomoniasis. These ailments are contagious and easily transmitted sexually. In the presence of such problems, green secretions acquire a foamy consistency, and reddening and unbearable itching in the vagina also appears.

It is no less dangerous for a woman's organism when lochia acquires a frightening shade due to the inflammatory process in the fallopian tubes or her neck. At the same time, the amount of secretion may be insignificant, but the body temperature will increase, and begin to disturb the painful sensations. In this case, delaying with a visit to a woman's consultation is vitally dangerous.

Any pathological symptoms in the postpartum period require medical examination. The earlier the doctor prescribes treatment, the less damage the disease will bring to the body. Perhaps, a number of antibiotics, topical preparations, vaginal suppositories will be prescribed. Of course, until the full recovery will have to give up breastfeeding.

To prevent the emergence of dangerous lochi, you must carefully observe hygiene, use hygiene products without flavors and colorants. Therefore, the newly mamma should carefully select the means for the bath and monitor the cleanliness of the underwear, while changing the sanitary napkins.

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