Green waters at birth

Why are there green waters when giving birth?

It happens that the amniotic fluid does not go away by itself. This can happen already in the period of birth or not happen at all - then a woman is pierced with a water bubble.

Amblerous waters are certainly evaluated, because their condition is of great diagnostic value. Normally, the amniotic fluid should be clear. If the waters are greenish, green or dark, then it is a violation. However, not always, but the gynecologist will certainly take this fact into account.

Why there are green waters during childbirth, and than it can be dangerous, try to find out many mummies. But the answers are so confusing that it is not easy to understand the question.

Causes of green water at birth

Green water during childbirth is not uncommon at all. If you ask all your friends who have green waters, about the conclusion and forecasts of a doctor, you will get a lot of different answers. In addition, women often disagree with the doctor's opinion and are sure that the reason for the green waters is completely different for them. In fact, it is not always possible to determine exactly why the waters have become green. But nevertheless doctors allocate some factors which can become the reason of green waters at sorts.

Often the cause of greening of water during childbirth is fetal hypoxia. Because of lack of oxygen, a reflex reduction of the sphincter of the anus takes place, and the original feces of the child - meconium - are allocated. It is he who gives the amniotic fluid a characteristic coloration.

There are many reasons for the development of fetal hypoxia. This is reminiscent of a chain reaction, when individual "links" provoke each other's offensive and eventually lead to the allocation of meconium. For example, among the causes of green water in childbirth gynecologists-midwives are called pregnancy overdose. Why? Yes because the longer the pregnancy, the older the placenta becomes. She is gradually becoming obsolete and can no longer properly perform the functions assigned to her in pregnancy, namely the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the fetus. Thus, the child experiences oxygen starvation, hypoxia develops, a reflex selection of meconium occurs - the water turns green.

Among the other causes of green water during birth, doctors call the woman transferred during the period of gestation of infection. It can be sexual infections, diseases of the urinary tract (ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis and others), as well as SARS and colds (sore throats, flu).

You may have heard that sometimes the green color of the amniotic fluid during childbirth is associated with the nutrition of the woman on the eve. So, green apple juice or fresh peas can become green. But most doctors are inclined yet to the fact that this phenomenon is not related to nutrition.

It also happens that green waters during childbirth can be observed with rare genetic diseases in the child. But this is very infrequent phenomenon, therefore, as a rule, it is not necessary to talk about it.

Well, in the end, the most important thing. Childbirth is always a great stress for the baby, especially long. When more, when less, but the child inevitably experiences a certain shock during childbirth. Therefore it is quite normal and natural that he allocates meconium, and if you say it in a simple way - it rocks. There are statistics that this happens in 30% of cases and very often does not say anything bad.

Green waters: consequences

Finding the cause of green waters during childbirth can be a useless thing. Of course, if you are planning to give birth in the future, then such knowledge can be useful to you. But each subsequent pregnancy proceeds in a different way, and no one is able to predict the reaction of the baby to the forthcoming generic process.

In general, if the waters were green, this is already in the past. What to expect in the future? Is it dangerous?

Even this question will not be answered to you unequivocally and categorically. But at the sight of the green waters doctors sigh and fuss. "Green", - hears a woman in childbirth pronounced with displeasure "sentence". Well, And what does it mean?

It should be noted that in some cases green water is indeed a bad sign. First of all, because the baby can swallow this toxic liquid during childbirth, the consequences of which can be heavy. If the woman has left the green waters, and the birth process has not yet begun, she will almost certainly be referred to a caesarean section, because this means that the baby is short of oxygen and is definitely in danger.

Another thing is, when the meconium defecation happened already in the process of childbirth, and the child did not stay long in the infected environment. In this case, the risks are minimized. As we have already said, the allocation of meconium is a natural reaction of the infant to birth stress. She does not represent any danger.

Now about the consequences. As can be inferred from all of this, green waters are by no means the only factor by which one can judge the health and well-being of a newborn. Very often, babies born when green waters leave, are distinguished by strong health and gain 8-9 points on the Apgar scale. There are also reverse cases, when for pure clear waters with kids, not always complete order.

In general, the connection between the probable cause and effect in this case can not be considered as inseparable. At women with the transferred or carried pregnancy often waters are transparent. In the absence of hypoxia, the green water may well leave the child. If hypoxia is detected, water may remain transparent. An ideal pregnancy without a single disease or malaise may well result in the escape of green waters & hellip;

It should be recognized that the competent behavior of the doctor taking the birth plays a significant role in this. The respiratory tract of the swallowed green waters of the newborn should be cleared from the contents even at the stage of the birth of the head, until he took the first breath and tightened the meconium into the lungs. To do this, the obstetrician must stop attempts and perform aspiration.

You should understand that in the process of giving birth to each other, there are many factors that are connected, which should not be evaluated separately. The main thing is that the baby was all right. And the color of the waters does not bode you any problems at all. Love and cherish your "green" - that's what really matters!

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