Guttalax during pregnancy

Guttalax during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

But here in pregnancy it's time to think not only about yourself, but about the baby. Many future mothers know well before constipation what constipation is, firsthand and treat it (alas!) With laxatives. Guttalax is just a remedy that cures with constipation in a matter of hours. But is it possible to take it in an "interesting position"?

Guttalax is contraindicated in pregnancy

You can safely put an end to this, especially if your puzozhitelu only a few weeks, since Guttalaks in the first trimester of pregnancy is strictly contraindicated - says the instruction. If constipation is painful in the last months of pregnancy, and a neighbor insists that only Guttalax saved her at the time - do not believe and seek help from a specialist. It happens so (and often enough) that Guttalaks is prescribed in the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, but only if the expected benefit of the mother exceeds the risk of complications in the fetus. Just follow the doctor's instructions, in no case do not exceed the prescribed dose and do not get treatment with Guttalax for more than 5 days.

Guttalax is a potent laxative. Its main active substance - sodium picosulphate - stimulates the mucous membrane of the colon, increasing peristalsis, and this leads to an early act of defecation, because this component contributes to the softening of the stool, accumulating water and electrolytes in the large intestine. But not every pregnant organism takes such an "attack", and sometimes, even the threat of miscarriage happens against the background of Guttalaxa. Among other side effects - diarrhea, dehydration, weakness, decreased blood pressure, convulsions and violation of water-electrolyte balance. Doctors strongly recommend self-medication for constipation at all.

Alternative to Guttalaksu

If the problem has touched a pregnant woman, despair is not necessary, because in the modern world there are more innocuous laxativesEparaty, rather than Guttalaks. Most often, doctors prefer pre-constipation drugs such as Dufalac, Forlax, Normolact, Prelax and Transipec.

However, do not forget that constipation during pregnancy is easier (and safer!) to prevent, rather than treat. And strangely enough, but the most effective way - the right "diet". Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkin, apples, tomatoes, yogurt and kefir, kvass and sour cabbage soup - these are the products that have a good lax effect. Cocoa, chocolate, strong tea and coffee, white bread and flour products in large quantities - only strengthen or provoke constipation in a pregnant woman.

If nevertheless the "right" products did not work, then try in the morning on an empty stomach to drink a glass of cold water with a spoonful of honey. Many future mothers managed such a simple way to avoid treatment, not only Guttalaksom, but harmless Dufalak.

And do not forget about walking on the open air and about physical activity, which also stimulates the bowels perfectly. Save yourself from stress and sedentary work, and just enjoy life.

And one more important point: if you also suffered from constipation long before your pregnancy, during the period of gestation the problem will only worsen, so do not neglect the recommendations of a specialist. Follow all his instructions, take only those medicines that he prescribes. Alas, very often after the birth the woman suffers even more from constipation. In the lactation period, not all medicines are suitable, and not all "laxative" foods are allowed to eat for the nursing mother, therefore here again rely on the experience of the attending physician.

We wish you an easy pregnancy and successful delivery!

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