Gymnastics for pregnant women

Gymnastics for pregnant women - exercises in 1, 2, 3 terms

Regular exercise will also help to relieve the load from the back, thereby preventing painful sensations in it. With the help of gymnastics, in particular, leg exercises, you can avoid the development of varicose veins and hemorrhoids. And also - to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor and perineum, which in the future will facilitate the flow of labor.

Gymnastics for pregnant women: 1 trimester

Each trimester of pregnancy differs inherent in this period of "features and dangers," respectively, and the complexes of exercises at different periods of pregnancy are somewhat different. As for the early period of bearing a baby: gymnastics for pregnant women, the first trimester is not much different from the general health-improving physical education, especially since excessive loads and increased training are not only not provided for, but also dangerous.

For the most part, gymnastics in the first trimester of pregnancy is mostly exercises designed to train the hips and develop breathing skills. Moderate regular exercise at this stage will help "calm" the unpleasant phenomena of early periods, such as fatigue, increased irritability, improve night sleep, help cope with toxicosis. Of course, in the presence of constant fatigue and frustration, it is unlikely that the soul lies with any sporting "refinement," but, believe me: doing first through strength, soon after feeling better, you yourself do not want to stop training!

But just keep in mind that your body should now be treated more carefully than ever. So, practicing gymnastics in the first trimester of pregnancy, be sure to exclude from the complex exercises for nreuss and any jumping to avoid the risk of miscarriage.

Gymnastics for pregnant women: 2 trimester

With the entry into the second trimester of pregnancy, all sorts of adversities in the form of toxicosis and a general sense of "weakness" remain in the past. You entered the golden period of pregnancy, when the well-being is improving, the emotional state is stabilized, and energy and vivacity sprinkles. So why not let them into the constructive channel and not spend time pleasantly and with undeniable benefits, testing the gymnastics complex for the 2nd trimester?

The complex of exercises at this time can be "enriched" with confidence, introducing in it, first of all, exercises for strengthening the back and legs. With each week of pregnancy, the load on the legs and back due to the increase in weight and the displacement of the center of gravity will increase. Therefore, the exercises of a certain nature will now be at hand. Of course, one should not forget about breathing exercises - the practice of breathing properly during childbirth is very useful.

The second trimester is considered to be the most safe for the mother and baby, now it will not hurt to include the gymnastic complex and sparing exercises for the press. But - be careful: twists and tangible loads and are now capable of harm.

Gymnastics for pregnant women: 3 trimester

The third trimester is the final stage of pregnancy, when the stomach is already visible and visible, its increasing size slowly begin to interfere with normal movement, and stretched ligaments and muscles provoke painful sensations of a different nature. Somewhat to reduce the unpleasant manifestations of the last months of pregnancy, to prepare the body for the upcoming birth, to maintain muscle tone will help gymnastics for pregnant women in the 3rd trimester.

The intensity of exercise in this period of pregnancy again decreases - no sudden movements, no excessively active and complex "somersaults"! The core of the exercise complex for this period is exercises to strengthen the pelvic muscles, exercises to relax and stretch the muscles of the perineum, stimulate bowel function and strengthen the joints. Again, do not forget about respiratory practice: in just a couple of months you literally realize all the benefits of their implementation throughout the pregnancy.

Gymnastics for pregnant women: the general complex of exercises

Choose a suitable set of exercises, which provides gymnastics for pregnant women, today is quite easy. So, there are specialized centers, where classes with pregnant women are regularly conducted by qualified specialists. They not only pick up a convenient and useful set of exercises for the future mother, but also teach her how to breathe correctly, which will also be useful in the future during childbirth. In addition, a huge number of video games with sets of exercises for pregnant women can now be found on the Internet, it's a little thing: either download a video school, or even engage with a virtual instructor online.

However, it should be borne in mind that it is better to study video schools using common exercises. After all, apart from them, there are also exercises, calculated for every single trimester of pregnancy: during the period of bearing the baby's body, the woman's physical capabilities, the permissible loads vary. And the degree of the admissibility of the use of certain exercises for one or another period of pregnancy is better, of course, discussed before they are tested in practice with a specialist.

We offer you only a small complex of general exercises, which, with their regular application, will help to avoid back pain, maintain posture and support the bust and waist muscles.

Exercise for the spine and strengthening the buttocks. The starting position is on the knees, hands rest on the floor, knees slightly apart. In this case, the back must be straight. After taking a small breath, you should bend your back like a cat - lowering your head and squeezing your buttocks. For 2-3 seconds to stay in this position, then return to the original position.

Exercise to maintain the posture. The starting position - the legs are shoulder width apart, do not bend your knees. First, with a sigh, with an exhalation, pull the arm forward as far as possible, at the same time, the left leg is horizontally pulled back. At the same time, the fingers of the hand stretch forward, and the toes are facing the floor. You should get a figure: from the fingertips of the hand along the body and legs parallel to the floor. The loin can not be bent, if it is difficult to maintain balance, you can stick with your free hand behind the back of the chair. After standing in this position for 3-5 seconds, you should stand on all fours and relax. After - changing your arm and leg, repeat the exercise. Do it even before the stomach becomes large - the exercise will help strengthen the back, keep the posture and ease discomfort from the grown abdomen.

Exercise for the bust and waist. The starting position - the legs are straight, shoulder width apart. The right foot should be turned at an angle of 45 degrees inwards, the left foot at an angle of 90 degrees outwards. Hands stretch to the sides horizontally the floor and slightly turn the trunk to the right. Then - with your left hand touch the left foot, and raise your right arm to the ceiling. As soon as the tension in the body begins to feel, the body should turn to the left.

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