Gynofort during pregnancy

Gynofort during pregnancy - instructions for use, feedback

Thrush is manifested curdled secretions in the field of external genitalia with a rather unpleasant odor and severe itching. In this case, the mucous membrane of the vagina is irritated, redness is observed in this area, swelling, which is accompanied by painful sensations. But these symptoms are not the most terrible problem. Worse, it's not so easy and quick to get rid of.

This disease of the genitals is still called candidiasis of the vagina or vaginal candidiasis. The name comes from the Candida fungus, which causes thrush.

"How could I get infected?" - you ask yourself in your thoughts. Fungi of this genus live in the human body under normal appearance in small quantities. They feel good not only in the genital tract, but also can live in the oral cavity, on the skin of a healthy person, and in the gastrointestinal tract. Moreover, the fungi do not cause any inconvenience because the organism is protected by microorganisms that do not allow these fungi to spread. A person may even not suspect the presence of Candida fungi in his body.

In our time, the pharmaceutical industry is so developed, which provides a variety of drugs to remove from the body of unwanted fungus. These are tablets, candles, drops, ointments, etc. But not all of them are practical to use. Firstly, this is a long-term treatment, which provides a lot of inconvenience: the rejection of sexual life, from various kinds of recreation (sauna, sauna, sports, etc.). Often, these drugs can not be used in everyday life, at work, at a party, while the patient must stay at home and do her own treatment. This is extremely inconvenient for a modern woman who has become accustomed to the rapid and bright course of life.

If you use conventional candles, then just before bed or prescribe yourself a "bed rest". Otherwise, most of the drug injected into the vagina simply flows out of the vagina, soils and clothes.

Just think, At least two weeks you need to take such medications! But the most terrible thing is that at the end of the course of treatment there is no guarantee that the fungi will "leave" your body and will no longer disturb. This is due to the fact that fungi tend to get used (for such a long period) to drugs and not respond to them. And also for this period the state of a woman can not only improve, but also go on recession, which facilitates the return of the fungus soon.

Thrush is also often found during pregnancy. She does not bear any danger to the future baby. It's just an unpleasant fact for a woman. Symptoms are the same as in non-pregnant women. But here one must be extremely cautious in the treatment.

If you belong to those women, who have tried a variety of ways to fight thrush and already doubt the efficacy of drugs, do not despair. At our pharmacy counters there is already that drug that will please you. This is the drug Ginofort, which is produced by the Hungarian pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter.

Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it embodies a qualitatively new level of approach to treatment, as when creating it, not only the effectiveness, but also the convenience of use, and the comfort of patients were taken into account. Therefore, Ginofort meets all the needs of consumers. There were no preparations of this level in our pharmaceutical market yet.

Gynofort is a special vaginal cream. The uniqueness of this cream is, that the particles of the emulsion with the active substance butoconazole adhere to the mucous membrane of the vagina and envelop it with a so-called special film. After the emulsion settles on the walls of the vagina, an active drug substance begins to "work", which "eats up" the fungus. This process lasts for several days continuously.

The cream contributes to the fact that the substance does not flow out of the vagina, thereby it does not provide inconvenience to the woman, and also it can be used at a convenient time for the patient.

Gynofort eliminates itching and burning already in the first day of its application. And after going through the entire course of treatment (5-7 days), you can achieve complete elimination of the problem.

Pregnant women can also use this medication calmly. Gynofort is used to treat local vaginal candidiasis. In the blood of its substances are almost not absorbed. Side effects when using this cream may occur in 1% of women, and they manifest (in the form of burning, itching) in case of individual intolerance of the drug.

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