Hair after delivery drops out: what to do?

What if my hair falls out after childbirth?

Why do hair fall out after birth

Newly-minted mothers often notice that after the birth of a child wake up in the morning, and on the pillow is too much hair. This is really a serious problem, requiring prompt measures to save hair. But first, a woman should know that a critical rule is the daily loss of up to 100 hairs. Statistics show that in the postpartum period, moms can lose about 500 hair a day. This is possible during the three months after childbirth. When the body is fully restored, the problem may disappear. But for this he needs help.

So, the main reason for hair loss in the postpartum period is hormones. It is believed that the mother does not lose her hair, but they return to their previous form. What does it mean? During the gestation of the child, the woman's body worked hard to produce the female hormone estrogen. In addition to performing his basic function, he improved the general condition of the hair, while stimulating the division of cells in the bulb, which increased the life span of the hair. Therefore for nine months of pregnancy the future mum has got used to dense hair. After the appearance of a son or daughter, hormones returned to normal, and the condition of the hair returned to that which was before pregnancy. Old hair, which was kept by the hormone, began to fall out, and visually there is an impression that the woman sharply loses her hair, her hair is thinning.

Another cause of hair loss in a woman after childbirth can be either stress or chronic fatigue. Stress - this is the very process of childbirth, accompanied by large blood loss and hormonal changes in the body. And the cause of chronic fatigue is caring for the baby, night feeding, lack of sleep, experiences. And if there is no one to help mom during this period, then, as a rule, hair suffers from this. They begin to fall hard, weakening.

Another possible cause of the problem is a deficiency of calcium in the body of a woman. After birth, it must be replenished to fight hair loss.

Rules for hair care after delivery after birth

If the hair falls out after giving birth, what to do to a woman?

Some recommendations should be followed that will help in the process of their recovery and renewal:

  1. Balanced diet. A young lactating mother often has to give up some foods. But such taboos need to be compensated. The necessary amount of vitamins, microelements, nutrients must be replenished with a daily balanced diet. Adjust it is not always possible with the use of multivitamins. A specialist trichologist can prescribe to you individually the means that will strengthen and restore your hair. It can even be the intake of calcium, ascorbic acid or B vitamins. They activate the metabolism in the body, stimulate the growth of the head of hear. In the daily diet of a woman there must be animal proteins. They play the main role for the growth of new cells and hair, including.
  2. Special cosmetics. A lot of salons will offer mums a set of procedures for maintaining and strengthening the hair. Since not all women have enough time to visit hairdressers and beauty salons, you can simply take the advice of good masters of choice of ready-made cosmetics for hair strengthening. Cosmetic brands produce whole lines for hair restoration. It is possible to try and separate preparations for strengthening of a head of hear. Effectively proven themselves ampoule means for strengthening hair, which you can use at home. It should be remembered that the living part of each hair is in the bulb. That is why the procedures for restoring the hair should be directed to it.
  3. Massage of the scalp. You can also do it yourself using your fingertips, a brush with natural bristles, special massage apparatuses. Thus, you will improve the blood supply and nutrition of hair follicles. Massages can be carried out with oils: burdock, jojoba, linseed, lemon, grape seed oil (for oily hair).
  4. Proper washing. This means that in any case hot water should not be used for washing, the shampoo and conditioner should be washed thoroughly, and the hair after the procedure should not be wiped, but it should be soaked. It is better to do this with a towel made from natural fabrics.
  5. A good comb. A quality comb is a comb of natural bristles. Change your old one to a new wooden one with thick teeth. Be sure to comb your hair before going to sleep in different directions. This will be an additional massage for your hair.
  6. Haircut correction. Consultation with a stylist or hairdresser will help to adjust the hairstyle so that temporary problems with the hair will not be too noticeable for others, and your daily look in the mirror will not cause frustration. To heal hair means to shorten them. Do a haircut to help grow strong hair. And of course, at this time forget about the perm and hair styling products. From the hair dryer, plovok and forceps, too, should be discarded.
  7. More rest. A young mother should sleep enough to allow the body to recover from childbirth and strengthen her immunity, and hence her hair. And then you can not do without the help of your father or relatives.

Folk means of strengthening hair

The advantages of folk remedies for strengthening hair after birth are obvious. This is their naturalness, which is important during the baby's feeding period, and affordability.

So, try to use the most suitable for you hair restoration recipes:

  1. Shampoo from yolks. Pour fresh raw eggs and separate the yolks from the proteins. Whisk the yolks and wash their head instead of shampoo. Rinse the hair after that with the broth of nettle.
  2. Firming Mask. Mix 6-8 drops of essential oil of jojoba, lemon with 10 ml of olive oil and egg yolk. Mix everything thoroughly, apply on hair roots, wrap the mask with a shower cap and top with a towel. After 40 minutes, wash your hair with the usual shampoo.
  3. Infusion of herbs. Take in equal amounts cones of hops, nettle and chamomile. Fill three tablespoons of the mixture with a liter of boiling water. Let it brew for one hour and wash your head with this infusion, like shampoo. When using chamomile and hop, the natural light hair color may darken.
  4. Vinegar. This tool can be used for oily hair. To do this, 1 tablespoon of 6% vinegar should be diluted in 1 glass of warm water. After each wash, you need to rinse your hair with this solution.
  5. Milk whey. After washing the hair with this remedy, you need to massage the roots of the hair. Then you can warm the mask for 30 minutes, wrapped your hair with a towel, then wash the hair with water without shampoo.
  6. Onion husks. A bit of husks need to be insisted, pre-pour boiling water. This infusion should be rinsed after washing hair.
  7. Rye bread. Rinse two or three pieces of rye bread with boiling water. Cut them to the state of gruel and apply to the hair. Then warm the mask for one hour. Then rinse your head with an ordinary shampoo.
  8. Onions. 3-4 onions should be grated on a grater, squeezed juice. This means moisten the roots of hair and hold for 20 minutes. Then rinse the onion with an ordinary shampoo, and rinse your hair with a decoction of nettle.
  9. Burdock root. Prepare a decoction of 3-4 tablespoons chopped burdock roots. To do this, pour them a glass of boiling water and bring to a boil over low heat. Rub the broth into the roots of the hair every other day. Allow hair to dry then naturally.

So, the rules of care for dropping hair and folk recipes will help you to fix the problem. But in this a considerable role will play a natural restoration of the hormonal background of the organism. So be patient and believe that your head of hear again will please the density and healthy shine.

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