Hair care during pregnancy

The rules of hair care during pregnancy

As a rule, with the onset of a long-awaited pregnancy, the hair begins to behave "inadequately." It happens that they grow up literally by leaps and bounds, or by hours or change their structure, turning from fatty ringlets to dry ones. Such cardinal changes occur under the influence of hormones in the "pregnant" body, so there is nothing to be surprised at. Especially noticeable changes in the first trimester, when the level of estrogen in a woman rises. During this period, the hair becomes more fat. But, starting from the second trimester, they turn into a thick and long hair. By the way, increased hair growth is noted in unexpected places. For example, on the stomach or on the face.

What can I do with my hair during pregnancy?

The first thing that mothers are interested in caring for their hair, is it possible to paint and cut it. Let us consider this in detail.

Hair coloring

If your hair looks better painted, and you feel great without graying and overgrown roots, then continue to color them during pregnancy. Despite the fact that the penetration of chemicals into the scalp is minimal with this procedure, still, choose your choice on sparing paints. Especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, while the main organs of the fetus are laid.

We draw your attention to the fact that under the influence of hormones, the reaction of staining or perm is unpredictable, so try to use paint without ammonia.

Haircut and hair styling

It's no secret that a pregnant woman is surrounded by a lot of superstitions, including a ban on haircuts. Humane explanation of this sign is not, so if you do not believe in "grandmother's tales, then you can safely go to the stylist and do everything with the hair that you want. Moreover, experienced hairdressers strongly recommend that once a month you cut the tips of your hair so that after the delivery you do not have to get rid of 10 or more cm of "dead" curls. And in general, with a neat hairstyle, every woman looks amazing.

You can lay tresses as before, using a hairdryer, curling iron, ironing. But from hair varnish it is better to refuse, since this styling means contains a huge amount of harmful chemical compounds. Do not forget that today in a fashion braids, so do not neglect this kind of styling, if the length of the head of hair allows you to make such a hairstyle.

Wash your head during pregnancy

Due to the fact, that many future mothers suffer from increased production of sebum, they are recommended to use mild shampoos based on natural ingredients. In the first trimester, try to dry the curls naturally, since the hot air of the hair dryer will only increase the fatiness of the scalp.

The use of firming, wellness masks for hair is only welcome. Give preference to products prepared at home. Strengthen the effect will also help rinsing curls infusions and decoctions of herbs, essential oils, citrus.

At the conclusion of our review, we want to draw your attention to the fact that before buying any cosmetic for hair, always read the list of ingredients that make up their composition. Prohibited during pregnancy are the following substances:

  • azo dyes - used in some coloring products and rinse.
  • hydroquinone - as part of hair dye;
  • phthalates - in shampoos, hair lacquers;
  • Triclosan is in an antimicrobial soap.
  • And finally, remember the simple truth: the best hair is pure hair; beautiful makeup is a healthy dream; Well, the ideal figure is pregnancy.

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