Harm to ultrasound during pregnancy

Harm to ultrasound in pregnancy - true or myth?

Let's try to understand or at least understand what are the opponents of ultrasound in pregnancy.

"Technique" of ultrasound

Of course, you need at least a "pale" concept of how ultrasound works. "Image" of the baby in the womb fixes a special sensor (like a microphone) - a transducer. When the "uzist" doctor conducts the examinations by conducting a sensor on the stomach, this transducer sends sound waves that are elusive to human hearing, and therefore they are called ultrasound. These waves penetrate almost all the internal organs of a woman and even a baby in her womb. Coming to some part of the body or organ, ultrasound is reflected and returned back, and the transducer catches it and sends it to the ultrasound machine. The processed information we see on the monitor in the form of an image.

Modern ultrasound equipment can "show" even the blood flow of the placenta and embryo in color, with the irradiation and ultrasound strength being minimal.

Ultrasound and embryo

And now actually about the disputes on this topic. As already mentioned, serious large-scale studies on this subject have not been conducted, but there is still the opinion of individual scientists about the dangers of ultrasound during pregnancy.

It is worth recalling the results of research 70-ies of the last century, when scientists found some deviations in men whose mothers during pregnancy they performed ultrasound. These deviations consisted in frequent cases of left-handedness, but it was not yet proven that ultrasound was the reason that men were born left-handed.

Still, doctors agree that scientific research is not enough to make ultrasound a completely harmless or harmful procedure. That is why it is not necessary to "get carried away" with ultrasound without need.

The ultrasonic wave uniquely affects the fetus, possibly even affecting the lining of its organs. Research P. Garyaev suggest that ultrasound can lead to a mutation of genes. His conclusion is as follows: ultrasonic waves "scare" DNA cells, and this can lead to an incorrect formation of the body.

At Yale University, scientists performed experiments on pregnant mice, conducting ultrasound, but no serious abnormalities in the brain were found. And only those "newborns" who were exposed to prolonged (up to 7 hours!) Irradiation before birth were born with scattered brain neurons. This research shows that the time for which the research is being conducted is of immense importance, and not only the intensity of the sound wave.

There is only one proof that ultrasound has a mechanical and thermal effect on human tissue (embryo as well), but in reasonable "quantities" ultrasound procedure poses no danger to the fetus or the mother.

Kid against?

Another argument of the opponents of ultrasound - the reaction of the baby during its holding. Indeed, we ourselves can observe how the kid tries to "hide" from other people's "eyes." Opponents of ultrasound, that thus the embryo "escapes" from the harmful and dangerous effects of ultrasonic waves, which for the baby "sound" very loudly. But supporters of this behavior of the fetus are associated with the experiences of the mother, which are transmitted to him, as well as the fact that the "stranger" is "touched" to the stomach.

And, again, it is difficult to judge the reliability of these assumptions, because in this regard, scientific research has not been conducted.

Do you need an ultrasound?

And, finally, the simplest argument about the "harmfulness" of ultrasound: it is useless. Naturally, almost all doctors will be on the defense and will unanimously describe the usefulness of this procedure:

  • Excludes an ectopic pregnancy;
  • Reveals pathologies in the initial development of the fetal egg;
  • Confirms the period of pregnancy;
  • Establishes a multiple pregnancy;
  • He diagnoses coarse malformations and hereditary diseases (Down syndrome) in the embryo;
  • Examines the condition of the placenta, the location of its attachment, size and age;
  • Defines the sex of the child;
  • Indicates the presentation of the fetus.

These are just some "usefulness" of ultrasound, but still its opponents find their arguments, which sometimes it is difficult to disagree.

For example, what diagnoses ultrasound of modern medicine is not always able to cure, so with a dangerous ultrasound diagnosis, a woman is sent for abortion. And is this correct? And will every woman agree to such a step?

I remembered one incident in my life. My acquaintance, almost all "Uzisty" wrote testimony to the abortion, finding terrible deviations in the development of the embryo. She took it as a matter of course: it means that I should give birth to such a child. And she gave birth. A healthy, strong, intelligent baby.

However, there are directly opposite examples: ultrasound shows the norm in everything, and the baby is born with pathologies, sometimes incompatible with life.

You can argue for a long time about the harmfulness and usefulness of ultrasound, but still the decision is made by every woman on their own.

Good luck to you!

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