Hawthorn during pregnancy

Hawthorn during pregnancy - benefits, contraindications and risks of use

We note that many herbal preparations are considered safer than the usual pills and medications, and even children and pregnant women can take them. However, to say that all herbal preparations are absolutely safe is wrong. That is why, before starting treatment with infusions or broths of medicinal herbs, it is very important to know the opinion of a specialist and carefully study the annotation for use. We will talk about one of these herbal remedies in today's publication, namely, about taking hawthorn during pregnancy.

Useful properties and peculiarities of using hawthorn during pregnancy

We all know, that pregnancy and childbirth is a period when the organism of the future mother is undergoing revolutionary changes. All these changes require great vitality, good health and steel nerves. Well, to strengthen the nervous and cardiovascular systems and help the baby to be born healthy and strong will help a wonderful and healing plant - hawthorn.

Composition of hawthorn

Useful properties of hawthorn are due to the fact that this plant is rich in vitamins, microelements, which contribute to strengthening of nervous and cardiovascular systems. Fruits of hawthorn contain a large number of flavonoids, pectin and tannins. The hawthorn contains copper, zinc, iron, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, cobalt, molybdenum. Hawthorn contains vitamins C, P, carotene, thiamine, choline, riboflavin.

Application of hawthorn

Infusion of hawthorn is used in hypertension, in the fight against insomnia, nervous overstrain, heart problems, etc. However, alcoholic tincture of hawthorn during pregnancy can not be taken without first consulting a doctor. Future mothers, as a rule, are recommended to use tea of ??low concentration from the dried fruits of this plant. Such tea can be used as a sedative for nervous overexcitation, insomnia and stress.

Thus, we found out that the hawthorn is shown to pregnant women, however, only in the form of a light broth or tea. Take alcoholic infusion of hawthorn (droplets) is possible only after the appointment of a doctor.

We offer you an alternative use of hawthorn during pregnancy - a drink that even doctors recommend.

The recipe for a healthy drink from hawthorn, which can be taken during pregnancy

To prepare a drink you will need:

  • 1 tbsp. l. dry concentrated hawthorn infusion;
  • 2 tbsp. l. kefir or yogurt;
  • One banana;
  • 0. 5 tsp. honey;
  • A pinch of cinnamon.

Mix all the above ingredients in a blender until foamy and use "well."

However, it is recommended that you consult with your precinct gynecologist before eating any herbal medicine, since every organism of a pregnant woman is very susceptible to any drugs.

Be healthy!

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