Hemorrhoids after birth

Hemorrhoids after childbirth - causes, treatment, prevention

If hemorrhoids after childbirth - not news, that is, he bothered you and during pregnancy, now you can breathe a sigh of relief. After all, it is much easier to cure it now, since you are responsible only for yourself (however, if you feed your baby with a breast, then not all hemorrhoid remedies will suit you). Usually the "experienced" woman in this case already knows how to treat hemorrhoids after childbirth.

When hemorrhoids after birth, like snow on their heads, then usually the newly mummy is confused: where? what to do? How to be? So everything in order for those who are new to this business.

What is hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are one of the manifestations of a common varicose veins. Only in this case the veins that are located around the rectum become inflamed and expand. Venous plexuses are filled with blood and blood stasis is formed, they are also called hemorrhoidal nodes. There are these nodes already during pregnancy for many reasons. Perhaps one of the main is the pressure of the uterus on the veins of the lower body. If this is added to constipation, improper diet, "sedentary work", and even heredity, then the hemorrhoids are already "waiting." It is during the birth, when these vessels are under enormous pressure because of attempts, and yet you give birth to a hero, then in the postpartum period you will face hemorrhoids.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids after birth

Depending on the form, hemorrhoids can manifest themselves in different ways. In the acute period, women are concerned about severe pain and discomfort in the anus, itching and burning in the anus. These symptoms intensify during defecation, and then may subside slightly.

During pregnancy, hemorrhoids may not be asymptomatic at all. Light discomfort in the anus, feeling of incomplete emptying, a slight itch - all this is not immediately noticed by a woman. But when there is bloody feces, and worse - hemorrhoids drop out, they look for panic and reasons for alleviating the unpleasant condition.

The hemorrhoids, which remain unheeded and treated, eventually pass into a chronic form. At this stage, bleeding from the hemorrhoids increases, and the nodes themselves fall out even from minor physical exertions and already require manual repositioning (initially the dropped nodes return to their place independently without outside interference).

Treatment of hemorrhoids after childbirth

If the main cause of postpartum hemorrhoids was pregnancy (that is, you previously heard about hemorrhoids only), and you paid attention to the earliest symptoms, then you should not worry . Doctors say that in these cases, hemorrhoids can be cured quite easily. Most importantly, do not run the problem and go to the doctor in time.

Treat postpartum hemorrhoids in simple ways:

  • Careful personal hygiene. Drowing after each trip to the toilet will even facilitate your condition. Especially cool water can reduce pain.
  • "A diet from constipation." Pay attention to food. Eliminate all heavy meals and give preference to fruits and vegetables.
  • Physical exercises. All loads should be directed to normalization of blood circulation in the small pelvis. It is not necessary for this to attend a fitness room - even simple walks with hemorrhoids are simply necessary and able to help!
  • Medications. There are many different ointments, gels, suppositories and tablets from hemorrhoids. In the postpartum period it is important to take those medications that do not harm during breastfeeding.
  • Folk methods of combating hemorrhoids. In this case, it is important not to overdo it. People's prescriptions for hemorrhoids are much larger, rather than drugs for this ailment. However, not every woman they help, and sometimes even harm.

With the timely diagnosis of hemorrhoids and proper treatment in a few months you will forget about this unpleasant disease.

Health to you!

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