Hiccups during pregnancy

Hiccups during pregnancy - why it arises and how to stop

Why do pregnant women hiccup?

Well, of course, everyone can hiccup and this scares few. And future mothers in this sense is no exception. But it happens that during pregnancy the woman starts hiccupping much more often and more longly than before. Of course, it's definitely troubling her: is everything alright?

There are many reasons that can provoke hiccough. Anatomically, this arises from the irritation of the diaphragm, which separates the organs of the abdominal and thoracic cavity. But in life, hiccups can have several explanations. Some hiccup when many and strongly laugh, others - due to hypothermia, and someone reacts in this way to overeating. By the way, disturbances in the digestion during pregnancy are not so rare. But there is one more reason why hiccups occur during this period especially often: these are disturbances and stresses. An unfavorable situation at home or at work, personal problems, nervous disorders, experiences, fears (including those associated with future births) - all this can cause hiccups in a pregnant woman. So dress warmly, do not eat too much and calm down - everything will be fine.

Is hiccups dangerous during pregnancy?

Not for the very pregnancy, nor for a future child, hiccups do not present any danger. Moreover, quite often during this period there is even a hiccup of the fetus, which you can read more about on our website.

However, in some cases, Mom should still be reinsured, once again having a doctor. It is a question of often repeated regular and prolonged hiccups, and also, when it delivers a discomfort to the pregnant woman and even pain. In such cases, hiccups may be a sign of some violations, which must be ruled out. Therefore, consultation with a doctor is a must. Most likely he will assign you some examinations.

How to stop hiccups during pregnancy?

But even infrequent and short-lived attacks of hiccups give unpleasant sensations to the future mother. In this case, these tips will help you - how to stop hiccups during pregnancy:

  • If you are cold, dress warmly to keep warm, and drink warm sweet tea.
  • If the hiccups arise due to overeating, try to reduce the portions of the eaten. This is useful in any case. During pregnancy, it is recommended to eat fractional: often, but slightly.
  • It is advisable to exclude all factors acting on you irritatingly and causing negative emotions. Calm down, relax, think about something pleasant, try to distract yourself.
  • Drink chilled water in very small sips (as far as possible), and from the far opposite cup edge, and not as usual.
  • Some people are helped by water with pieces of ice - half a cup will be enough.
  • You can try to chew rye crumbs or bread. But be careful: do not choke.
  • It is also possible to collect full lungs of air and hold your breath, but carefully: excessive tension of the abdominal muscles during pregnancy is highly undesirable.

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