Hidden pregnancy

What is a hidden pregnancy?

So, a hidden pregnancy is called a special course of pregnancy, at which all signs and symptoms of an "interesting situation" are completely or partially absent. Thus, with concealed pregnancy, there is no violation of the menstrual cycle, that is, the masticious discharge appears monthly, a minimal weight gain occurs, and the stomach does not increase in volume or the increase is very minimal. By the way, there is nothing wrong with latent pregnancy - and the slight spotting that women take for menstruation, in principle, does not cause any particular harm. In rare cases, abundant spotting with concealed pregnancy carries the threat of miscarriage.

The most surprising in this situation is that many mothers learn about pregnancy immediately before childbirth, as the subsequent termination of menstruation can be attributed to hormonal imbalance, and a slight increase in the abdomen - just typed extra pounds.

However, most often, a hidden pregnancy ceases to be "hidden" after 3-4 months, since the monthly ones usually stop. That's when the running starts for doctors and the realization that your body has long been in an "interesting position". In addition, many of the women who had a pregnancy in this way, felt some unusual reactions of the body, but because of the presence of excreta did not attach importance to this. Naturally, pregnancy test in the presence of menstruation rarely does, especially, that in many cases it can erroneously show the absence of pregnancy.

To determine the latent pregnancy, first of all you should carefully listen to your body. If your monthly allocations have changed their character: they become less intense, or the menstrual cycle has lost, then it is likely that this is a hidden pregnancy. For an accurate diagnosis of pregnancy, it is best to do a blood test for HCG and seek medical advice from a doctor. In addition, modern ultrasound diagnosis can diagnose pregnancy at the earliest possible date. Therefore, if you suddenly had changes in the menstrual schedule, and before that there was an unprotected sexual intercourse - the best solution would be to see a doctor for an accurate diagnosis of pregnancy.

In conclusion, we note that a hidden pregnancy is not an anomaly and is not dangerous for you and the unborn child. According to experts, this is a normal pregnancy, which occurs with the only difference - the presence of bloody discharge. Therefore, it is not necessary to panic, but it's just necessary to visit a doctor on time!

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