High blood pressure during pregnancy

High blood pressure during pregnancy - causes, treatment and prevention

As is known, pressure indicators are usually characterized by two digits, for example, 120/80, where 120 is the systolic pressure, and 80 is the diastolic pressure. So when the first indicator equals 140 or exceeds this figure, they speak of high pressure during pregnancy. The pressure may increase as during the gestation of the child, and be increased already before pregnancy - in this case, the doctors talk about chronic hypertension, which requires increased attention and caution in pregnancy.

High pregnancy pressure is a sign that is not very good, both for the mother and the fetus. The fact is that with an increased arterial pressure, the walls of the vessels are narrowed, which prevents the normal intake of oxygen and nutrients to the baby, and as a result, the growth of the fetus may be slowed. High blood pressure during pregnancy is also dangerous because it can provoke premature detachment of the placenta, which is accompanied by severe bleeding, which is dangerous for the pregnant woman and the baby.

Increased pressure during pregnancy can be a symptom of a very dangerous condition called pre-eclampsia - a condition that can bring many troubles. The mechanism of occurrence of pre-eclampsia is still not clear until the end, there are only assumptions. It is believed that pre-eclampsia can be caused by an increased production of the substance by the body, which narrows the vessels and, conversely, the lowered substance that the vessels expand. Of course, other factors play a role here, as the amount of protein in the diet of a pregnant woman. In any case, pre-eclampsia is a condition that requires increased attention from physicians. Flowing in a soft form, pre-eclampsia may not be particularly felt, only accompanied by increased pressure, but no more than 140/90, sometimes - swelling of hands and face. Other, more severe symptoms of preeclampsia may be headaches, visual impairment, insomnia, acute stomach pain or vomiting. The greatest danger of preeclampsia is that it can move even into a rare but serious disease - eclampsia. Accompany her cramps and even coma, and the threat of eclampsia for the life of the mother and child is very, very great.

In order to avoid problems in high-pressure pregnancy, regular visits to the doctor are necessary. Having discovered a high blood pressure in a pregnant woman, first of all, doctors usually recommend a diet that excludes fatty, salty foods, sweet. Moderate physical activity is also shown. But all this is only if the form of the disease is mild. If high blood pressure during pregnancy causes anxiety in doctors, correction of the condition will have to resort to medical treatment. There are preparations for the normalization of high blood pressure during pregnancy, which, in contrast to serious forms of hypertension, do not represent threats to the fetus and the mother. Among them - papazole, dopegit, metoprolol, nifedipine. The drug for treatment, its dosage and duration of admission the physician picks up exclusively on an individual basis, focusing on the indicators of pregnancy tests.

If the set of measures taken is not effective, the condition not only does not improve, but also worsens, if the pregnant woman suffers chronic hypertension, there is a need to go to the hospital even before the birth. Qualified medical personnel will provide the expectant mother with the proper care, measuring the pressure several times a day, controlling the amount of protein in the urine and the weight daily, which will make it possible to avoid unwanted complications.

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