Highly sensitive pregnancy test

Highly sensitive pregnancy test

If you are going to buy a high-sensitivity pregnancy test for the first time, going to the pharmacy, you can easily get lost, because the choice of the proposed products is quite wide - from the simplest and cheapest to upgraded and convenient. However, the most important factor in choosing a test is its sensitivity, which means the ability to determine the hormone of pregnancy of hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) at a low level.

So what test is called highly sensitive and by what principle is the early pregnancy determined using it?

All pregnancy tests have exactly the same principle of action - they determine the level of the pregnancy hormone in the body of a future mother, whose concentration is increasing every day. This hormone can be produced in the body only by a pregnant woman (from 6-8 days after fertilization of the egg). It is for the presence of hCG in the urine and all pregnancy tests respond.

Sensitive and highly sensitive pregnancy test

The sensitivity of the test is the ability of the test to determine pregnancy at the very earliest dates.

All pregnancy tests are divided into two categories - highly sensitive and sensitive. How to determine how sensitive the test is? It is very simple: the level of its sensitivity to human chorionic gonadotropin should be indicated on the package and it can be 10, 20, and 25 mIU / ml. That is, a test with the lowest index (10 mIU per milligram of urine) is called highly sensitive, which is able to detect pregnancy before menstruation is delayed by 6-7 days after fertilization of the oocyte (when the hCG concentration in the woman's body is still very small).

But just sensitive tests are recommended only for the second week from the beginning of ovulation, because it is the time it takes to develop the level of HCG necessary for determining pregnancy, to which the test will be able to react. The level of their sensitivity is 25 mIU / ml and should be applied after the delay in the expected menstruation.

Highly sensitive pregnancy test, due to modern technologies, is "endowed" with almost 100 percent accuracy (99, 5%).

We wish that all your expectations come true!

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