Home birth

Home births are pluses and minuses, preparation and carrying out of childbirth at home

It seems to me that childbirth is so individual that it is impossible to persuade or dissuade a pregnant woman in that. where and how she should give birth. The instinct of self-preservation is so great during the period of gestation that a woman sometimes senses every danger inside her, despite the fact that frequent changes in mood and feeling lead to confusion both of those around and of the woman herself.

Here, for example, try to convince a woman that she gave birth to a child at home in the bath. Do you think it's easy? Nothing like this! Find her a million arguments in favor of home births, but she, having thoroughly studied all the details, even agreeing to such a step, at the last minute will refuse, having smelled in the subconscious an inexplicable danger. I agree, it works not always, but basically adequate women confidently know what they want. Similarly, you will not convince an ardent "harbinger" of home births to go to the hospital. If a woman decides to give birth at home, not because Cindy Crawford did it, she will not even sit down at an unsafe hour in an ambulance.

Home birth is a manifestation of a certain lifestyle and thinking. You know, as they say: not from this world. Perhaps this is how "homemade" mothers look in the eyes of "maternity" mothers.

But let's drop the lyrics, and we'll look at this situation with a sober look. Without end of the edge you can talk about the benefits and romance of home births: tender music, close people, candles, native walls & hellip; I personally (the young mother of two children) on the drum was what music sounded on the background, and what tulle hung on the window. The main task at the time of delivery: to properly help your baby to be born. Perhaps I am a complete pessimist or an optimistic optimist, but I only trusted doctors in childbirth (and, for the first and second time, I did not agree on births, gave birth to doctors on duty).

If you analyze all the reviews about home birth, you can see an interesting picture: on the one hand everything is so romantic and beautiful (even to nausea, I'm sorry), but on the other - everything is so terrible and dangerous, as in the worst films. Heat and research, and loud statements about the death rate of parturient women and their babies, as well as the favorable situation in European countries, where home births have long been legal, are making up for the heat. And again, we are assured in every way that the domestic views on life are far from foreign views, and our realities differ from their realities many times. Yes, and what actually matters us, how many percent of women in Germany gave birth at home and what kind of midwife helped them. We have to bear here and the whole responsibility to us in any case.

And now, after a long introduction, we turn to the families themselves. There are two types of families who decide on home birth. Some can be called "hermits", others - "extreme". The first is not that they do not want to give birth in the hospital, they are generally for the whole pregnancy and do not think about ultrasound, biopsies and tests for TORCH infection. Just like our ancestors. True hermits - many ascertain. But they do not consider themselves as such. Pregnant, bear, give birth. Sometimes it is successful, sometimes not very, but they never complain or boast. They live in their small-huge world, misunderstood, convicted, but always happy. Such families do not need literature about home births at all. They rely on everything in themselves or on themselves, or on the forces from above.

Another subgroup of families goes to home birth for other reasons. Most often, at home, those who hear about terrible maternity homes, incompetent doctors, impossibility of choice and other troubles during childbirth in a medical institution give birth. In other words, it is fear that causes decisions in favor of home births. And in this situation, disputes are greatest. For example, Natalia had to beg the doctor to inject her with anesthetic, and Ira was not even warned that she was being prepared for a cesarean. And this, perhaps, is the most harmless situation. There are stories much "more interesting", after them a cozy home environment and a personal midwife - a vital need is vital. At the same time, another patient, who gave birth in the same "terrible" maternity hospital, can tell with enthusiasm about the unspoken help of attentive personnel. Yes, and the delivery rooms are no longer for ten mothers, but for a maximum of three; and the postpartum chambers are furnished in a home-like manner; and partner births are practiced all the time. In a modern, good maternity hospital, everything is like at home, but it is much safer from a medical point of view. And the price of such pleasure? - many will ask. The answer is not always pleasant.

But let's leave all the arguments: they are too difficult to understand. The only sensible result: how many people - so many opinions, and the choice is still yours.

  • So, if you decide to give birth at home, then prepare for this event in advance and with the whole family:

    • Be sure to attend courses for "pregnant couples" where you will be told about everything in detail and objectively.
    • Prepare all family members for home birth. They should not be observers, but participants in your births.
    • Choose a qualified midwife. Without her, giving birth at home is very dangerous. It is desirable that she watches you the whole pregnancy, so you will be trusted, and this is the main condition for successful delivery.
    • Just in case, insure yourself: agree in a good maternity home that, if necessary, you will be accepted and will help give birth.
    • Beforehand, buy all the necessary medicines. It is advisable to prepare a bag for the maternity hospital separately, so that at the right time everything was at hand.
    • Remember the ideal cleanliness in the house. Often, home births take place in the bath, it should also "shine".
    • Take care of the necessary things for yourself, your loved ones and naturally for your crumbs.
    • You will definitely need clean sheets, oilcloth, towels, sterile napkins, gauze, cotton wool, sterile clothing and shoe covers. A complete list of the necessary things you can find on the training courses for home birth, or directly from your midwife.

    Well, remember, that your self-confidence and a good emotional attitude are simply necessary for successful delivery.

    We knowingly overlook all kinds of complications that can occur in childbirth. The only thing we recall about is strict contraindications, in which you can not be born at home:

    • a clinically narrow pelvis and a large fetus;
    • diabetes mellitus;
    • Serious diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine, nervous, urinary systems;
    • complex pregnancy;
    • late gestosis;
    • pathology of the placenta;
    • Wrong position of the baby;
    • Multiple pregnancy;
    • direct indications for cesarean section.

    About possible complications in the period of labor can not be guessed in advance. Sometimes work "unwritten laws": a normal pregnancy ends with complicated births, and a heavy one - an easy birth of a healthy baby.

    So think for yourself, decide for yourself where and how you will give birth! Good luck!

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