Homeopathy in Infertility

Treatment of infertility in women and men with homeopathy

About partner homeopathic programs

Homeopathy divides infertility into female and male. But she does not deal with therapy alone, but offers a comprehensive and natural approach to the recovery of the entire body with the achievement of a result on the problem of infertility.

Homeopathic programs are based on the daily intake of individually selected products at a specific time and specific days of the monthly cycle. The reception of such drugs begins on the first day. At once it is necessary to be adjusted on that in an organism there can be changes in the form of tearfulness, a nausea, headaches, it is possible, even sensation of a cold. This is how the body cleanses of toxins accumulated in it for many years.

Liz Lalor's Female Program

There are several infertility treatment programs for women, but the most popular is the technique developed in 1998 by homeopath Liz Lalor. Applying it, 80% of all infertile couples achieved success. It is designed for a 4-month course of drug use, during which time attempts should be made to become pregnant. The homeopathic program of infertility uses carcinosin 200C preparations or syphilinum 200C, follicillinum 200C, thuja 200C, medorrinum 200C.

The drug natrium muriatikum in this program is used once a week. Most often this homeopathic remedy is used to treat emotional depression, poor quality of cervical mucus, painful menstruation, migraine after and before menstruation.

The daily funds in the Liz Lalor program are borax 30C, sepia 6C, pulsatilla 12C.

The homeopathic program is conducted under the supervision of a qualified homeopath. Sometimes he corrects it, simplifies it. In addition to the above funds, it is necessary to take and auxiliary homeopathic preparations. Among them is Nuks Vomica 30C, used to detoxify, support the liver, restore hormonal balance. Siliation 6D - a means for resorption of scar tissue. It is intended for women with scars on tubes that have undergone laparoscopy, ectopic pregnancy. Viburnum oval 12D as an adjunct is necessary to prevent miscarriages, painful or irregular monthly, recovery of fertility.

Homeopathy for men

Men are prescribed homoeopathic preparations to improve the quality of sperm and restore potency. Among them, ZINCUM MET is a tool containing the most important male zinc mineral. It is used for a weak potency for several months.

VANADIUM enriches the blood with oxygen, improves blood pressure, cleanses the liver. The drug also needs to be taken every day for several months.

SELENIUM improves sexual function in general, stimulating the production of healthy spermatozoa.

MEDORRHINUM - the preparation improves the quality of seminal fluid and the number of active spermatozoa.

YOHIMBINUM is a homeopathic remedy for increasing sexual stamina and potency, improving the quality of sperm. It takes several months.

The effectiveness of therapy

Homeopathic programs for men and women in the treatment of infertility are recommended to combine with the intake of folic acid. Infertility therapy with the help of homeopathic programs, as experience shows, has no less effect than drug treatment. It should be noted that homeopathy is more humane, it acts softer on the body of both partners. And most importantly, it does not produce those deleterious effects that often accompany traditional medicines. However, in the treatment of homeopathic remedies, it is important to find a good specialist who will thoroughly examine the condition of both partners and prescribe the right therapy regimen and will control it. It is to the homoeopath doctor that you trust your hope and health.

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