Hormonal failure after delivery

Symptoms and methods of treatment of hormonal failure after childbirth

This refers to the hormonal background: during pregnancy, the hormonal background undergoes significant changes, but in the first few months after birth the balance should be restored on its own. If, for some reason, this did not happen, experts say about hormonal imbalance, or hormonal failure - a condition in which the ratio of the main female hormones of progesterone and estrogen does not meet normal parameters, as if shifted in one direction or another.

Hormonal failure after childbirth today - the condition is quite common. The first couple of months after childbirth, a woman naturally does not really listen to herself, devoting all her time and care to the tiny creature she gave life to. Yes, and a few broken hormonal balance after birth is in principle a frequent phenomenon, and most often this very balance of hormones normalizes independently without outside interference. However, it happens, that for one reason or another the hormonal malfunction is not regulated and the balance is not restored. And in this case, the doctor can not do without consulting a doctor, because the consequences of a hormonal failure can be completely different, including unwanted ones - in the form of depression or problems with the formation of breast milk.

So, what symptoms can indicate possible problems with the hormonal background? Signs of a hormonal malfunction can be frequent manifestations of headaches and dizziness, insomnia, jumps in blood pressure and swelling appear. Frequent companions of hormonal imbalance are also irritability, apathy or depression. The fact that there are problems of hormonal nature, can prompt prompt fatigue, increased sweating, decreased sexual desire. Hormonal imbalance also causes problems with the hair: in the presence of a malfunction, there may be an increase in excess body hair, as well as a strong hair loss on the head. And very often women immediately sin on hormonal failure after childbirth, when problems with weight begin: strong weight loss or, on the contrary, excess weight at a normal diet.

Often, the problem of the hormonal nature of the mother is beginning to suspect after the termination of breastfeeding - when the character changes monthly, and menstruation is accompanied by painful sensations. These signs (painful and plentiful monthly, lasting more than a week) point to a high probability of hormonal failure. Together with the above symptoms, such signs are sufficient and very powerful reason for the fastest application for qualified assistance.

Determine whether it is appropriate to speak in the context of such signs of hormonal failure, it is possible with the help of a special analysis, which a woman will be appointed following preliminary consultation. Such an analysis will provide an opportunity to assess the condition of the main organs and systems, as well as the general well-being of the woman, and, based on the findings, the doctor will be given adequate treatment. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that the treatment of hormonal failure requires quite a long time: it is not possible to restore the hormonal balance in a few days. But it is necessary to be treated without fail, since without the normalization of the balance of hormones, health problems can not be avoided in the future. Purpose of drugs, suitable in one way or another - the competence of only a specialist, the necessary treatment is appointed individually, and the pharmacist can not find the right medicines in the pharmacy. Therefore, under no circumstances can hormones fail to focus on the advice of friends or the recommendations of pharmacy staff - treatment should be prescribed only by a doctor, and it must also be administered under his supervision.

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