Horseradish with pregnancy

Horseradish during pregnancy is good, contraindications and risks of use

Can horseradish during pregnancy

To understand the role of horseradish in the nutrition of the future mother, its influence on the body, you need to know something about its composition. Sharpness is added to this product by mustard oil. They have a strong antimicrobial and antiviral properties. This feature makes horseradish useful for colds. But this oil and serves as a reason for limiting the use of the product during pregnancy.

When planning it, horseradish is recommended to be included in the food ration, because mustard oil is very useful. It strengthens the male hormonal background, improving the quality of sperm, and the female hormonal background, increasing the chances of conception.

During pregnancy, the effect of horseradish on the body of the future mother is not sufficiently studied. That is why products that contain horseradish, it is recommended to limit. You should know about the dangers of erucic acid in the horseradish. Even in completely healthy and strong people who never complain about gastrointestinal problems, this acid is simply not digested. At the same time, it overloads the liver, because its concentration in horseradish is very high. This is the prohibition on the use of horseradish during pregnancy. Recall that the immunity of a woman in the period of bearing a child is weakened. Why should the organism be exposed to risk by loading the liver?

In addition, horseradish affects the secretion of the stomach, stimulating it. And this is the second reason why the product is not recommended for children and pregnant women. For future mothers, the harm of horseradish lies in the fact that it increases thirst and the need for drinking. And in the second half of pregnancy this can lead to swelling. During this period, a woman is generally recommended to exclude acute from the diet. Forget about time for pepper and mustard, garlic and onion, vinegar and ginger. Even if your pregnancy is fine, reinsurance will not be superfluous. Take care!

Another & bdquo; minus & rdquo; horseradish - its property to raise blood pressure. It also reduces blood clotting. Both of these properties of the product can harm during pregnancy.

Do not use horseradish if you have problems with the kidneys and the gastrointestinal tract. It is also contraindicated in hypertension, a tendency to bleeding.

The use of horseradish during pregnancy

Horseradish during childbirth is allowed to use for the treatment of colds and flu. The composition of the product has active components, which make it an indispensable assistant in the occurrence of viral infections. Essential horseradish oil is in itself a natural antiseptic. And even on the amount of ascorbic acid horseradish exceeds even lemon! Only rosehips and black currants in their composition have more vitamin C than horseradish.

Fresh horseradish leaves are saturated with carotene, there are a lot of B vitamins in its root, there is also vitamin PP, phytoncids and fiber, Potassium and calcium, iron and sulfur. But it should be noted that in the purchased horseradish, which is usually sold in jars, there are very few useful properties. After all, they are inherent only in fresh product. And a week later all the usefulness disappears in the bank.

Pregnant women can use horseradish for colds with honey. He heals cough well. To prepare the medicine, you need a fresh horseradish root. It should be grated on a fine grater and mixed with honey in equal amounts. Take this medicine is recommended for half a teaspoon three times a day. It is not superfluous to consult your gynecologist before starting such treatment.

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