How and what to treat a migraine during pregnancy?

How and what to treat a migraine during pregnancy?

Briefly about migraines

It is a pathology of a hereditary character, which is expressed in the sharp pains of one half of the head. The headache can be so strong that it does not remove the usual Citramon, No-shp, Paracetamol. Other analgesics may be impotent.

Migraines are different from normal headaches. This is a stronger and more dangerous pathology. It is accompanied by so-called harbingers of attacks - they are also called aura. These are the signs:

  1. Fear of light. She can accompany a headache constantly or only during the daytime.
  2. Intolerance to sharp odors, noise, loud sounds.
  3. Closed, detached, self-isolated.
  4. Vomiting and nausea as symptoms of an approaching headache.

Pregnancy and migraine

It should be noted that this pathology in future mothers has its own specifics. The reasons for its occurrence differ:

  1. The use of certain food products. These include cheese, chocolate, citrus, spices. Provoke an attack can and alcohol, contraindicated in bearing a baby.
  2. Deficiency of water in the female body, especially in the first trimester.
  3. Overdose of medicines. For example, Citramon in large numbers can increase the symptoms of a headache.
  4. Stress, psychological stress, lack of sleep.
  5. Change in weather conditions, climate change in the room.

So, migraines in expectant mothers provoke much more factors than ordinary people.

Eliminating migraine by folk methods

Many women who experienced such conditions before the "interesting" situation, do not want to see a doctor about this. Especially in the early stages, when medicines to relieve the condition are highly undesirable. They apply proven folk recipes for the treatment of migraine:

  1. Brewing sweet strong black tea. But with this option of therapy you need to be cautious in the early stages of bearing a baby.
  2. Compress from a leaf of white cabbage. It should be scalded with boiling water, attach to the frontal part of the head or the area that is troubled, wrapped in a woolen shawl.
  3. The application of ice. Promotes narrowing of blood vessels. Keep a long ice pack on your head.
  4. Aromatherapy. Many people are helped by the inhalation of felid balm, lavender, citrus. The method is acceptable in the event that the pregnant woman does not have allergies to ethers.

About the removal of seizures with medications

Even the habitual for a woman before pregnancy Citramon should be used cautiously. After all, when carrying a baby this medicine can only intensify the headache.

If Citramon does not help, then the doctor can prescribe more serious drugs, for example, Acetaminophen. In minimum doses, this safe and hypoallergenic agent can be taken at early and late pregnancy.

You can try to use Paracetamol. It is safer compared with Citramon. Pregnant women doctors with migraines prescribe drugs containing magnesium - they are useful for blood vessels. But to remove migraine attacks with Aspirin pregnant is categorically contraindicated. This remedy can provoke bleeding and premature birth, miscarriages in the early stages of gestation.

Preventing migraine during pregnancy

To avoid unpleasant seizures, one should follow simple recommendations:

  1. Compliance with the regime of the day. Eating without a schedule, lack of sleep and frequent breakdown often causes headaches. They are signs of a weak body, so you should take care of yourself, live by the regime.
  2. Physical activity. Yoga for pregnant women, pilates, swimming will help you forget about pills, feel cheerful and do not gain weight.
  3. Massage neck and collar zone can be done by yourself (brush with a long handle) or ask to do it to her husband.
  4. Observance of the water regime. Lack of fluid can cause headaches.

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