How fast to lose weight after birth

How to quickly lose weight after childbirth at home

So, the problem of excess weight can be solved without resorting to rigid diets and restrictions. And if you take into account the fact that during breastfeeding, the body is still too weak for such tests, then it is necessary to approach the process of recovery after childbirth very responsibly.

The first point, from which we will begin the restoration of the figure after delivery - there will be a proper approach to nutrition. In order to improve your body, it is necessary to include fresh vegetables and fruits, berries, greens, cereals and sour-milk products in the daily diet. In addition, it is very important to correctly calculate the amount of food consumed. Nursing mothers are advised to eat as often as possible, but portions should be small. You can borrow from his baby his dishes, and in such quantity is 5-6 times a day. As for women who have stopped breastfeeding, their diet can be reduced to 3 times a day, but portions should also be moderate.

Unloading days are very useful during the recovery period after childbirth. To do this, choose one day a week, during which you will only eat vegetables or fruits. Also very good are days of unloading on fermented milk products.

Do not forget about the benefits of cereal products, which are excellent sorbents of toxins and toxins, and also contribute to the enrichment of the body with proteins. You can arrange a weekly mini-diet, during which you will only eat cereals and cereal soups. Thus, you will quickly rid the body of excess toxins and accelerate the process of losing weight.

Proper nutrition is certainly an excellent step towards recovery after childbirth. However, in addition to nutrition, special attention should be paid to physical loads, which are simply necessary in the process of losing weight. Of course, finding time for the gym to nursing mothers is not at all easy, However, there are many alternative ways of exercise that will benefit you. Well, for example, a walk in the park with a baby, preferably a quick step for half an hour, easily replaces you 15 minutes on the stationary bike. In addition, while your baby rests during the day, you can easily make an easy exercise set and shake the press. If there is a possibility to make jogs - this is the best solution for a quick result.

Also, you are advised to purchase a hula hoop or rope and daily, for 15 minutes, perform exercises with their help. In fact, there are a lot of ways. The main thing is to overcome laziness and practice regularly. After physical exertion, pay special attention to stretching. It is the right stretching that will help you to consolidate the result and proudly look at your reflection in the mirror.

In conclusion, we want to add that it is naturally more difficult to change immediately to such a regime than to simply want to. But if you are focused on the result and persistently go to your goal - you will necessarily succeed. And that you had an incentive, look at your photos before delivery, get your favorite jeans, which are still small for you and work every day to return to your form. Stock up with the patience and support of relatives, ask to sit with the baby grandmother or beloved husband, while you are engaged in yourself and do not despair, if the result did not come immediately. Each organism is individual, so the recovery time may take a little longer than you expected. But remember one thing: those who persevere towards the goal become winners. Believe in yourself and you will succeed! We wish you good luck and wonderful results. Be healthy!

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