How is the conception of the child

How is the conception of a child in a woman's body

Conception of the child is truly a great miracle of nature! For the future, the little man is the moment of the beginning of his entire life, for the future parents are moments of enjoying each other, for the science of the future is an inexhaustible source of scientific works and discoveries. All the processes that accompany the moment of conception of a new life, so perfect that all their completeness and scale is difficult to perceive. That is why the interest of scientists and ordinary people to this issue never fades.

The life of any of us begins from this moment. A ripe egg that leaves the follicle of the ovary, is sent to the abdominal cavity in the hope of meeting the one whom destiny has prepared for it. In medicine, this moment is called ovulation. The honor to perform the fertilization of a "young lady" will fall out only to one of the millions of spermatozoa. If the sexual act was committed the day before (2-3 days before ovulation) or within 24 hours after its release, the chances of successful conception are very high. The vitality of the egg is preserved for only one day, and for the right to be the best will fight the million-strong army!

Spermatozoa retain the ability to fertilize for several days due to cervical mucus, which specifically for this every month changes its composition and consistency. But the most rapid, healthiest and most hardy of all can perform a mysterious act of conception. After the maximum of the applied efforts, he will penetrate through the envelope protecting the egg, dissolving into it and merging together into a single whole. The middle part and the tail of the sperm remain outside the formed ball: only the head of the lucky person takes part in the conception. From now on, the egg will "close" and become inaccessible to other candidates. This is made possible by the chemical reaction occurring in the outer shell protecting the egg, which changes the structure of its wall.

In the moment of conception, the genetic qualities of the future baby will be laid: its gender, color of eyes and hair, equipment and even character! The combination of chromosomes merged at the time of conception will determine who will be born to a woman in the future. And for the sex of the heir the father answers: it is from a set of chromosomes carrying a sperm that everything depends. It is interesting that of all 46 chromosomes of the formed zygote, only one is "sexual".

So, the fateful pair of female and male cells met and reunited in one life! Now this education is called a zygote. On the 3-4 day after the creation, she begins her journey to the first dwelling, which for her for all 40 weeks of bearing will become the uterus. In the female body, there is no other organ, so well suited to the requirements and needs of a growing organism. Help to overcome a difficult road to the fetal egg will be the cilia that line the inner surface of the fallopian tubes. They make continuous movements, rolling the life-giving "ball" closer to the goal.

Zygote will travel the fallopian tubes for about a week. And all the way she will not cease her development for a second. Every few hours the cells of the zygote will crumble, and by the time the uterus reaches the surface it will consist of several dozen cells. Then the improved egg, which by that time has become a blastocyst, will begin to prepare a place for planting. Scraping out cells from the uterine endometrium and making a depression on its surface, a new life "will" take its roots here.

Despite the fact that the conception of the baby happened successfully, this is not yet a guarantee of the same successful pregnancy. A small miracle will lead the struggle for survival. The defenseless fetus is perceived by the female organism as a stranger, whom the queen tries to drive out of its cavity. But his desire for life is so great that he is worthy of experiencing this fight and coming out of it as a winner. Of course, a lot depends on the quality of the handsome sperm and on the abilities of the beautiful egg, that is, on the resources that their parents gave them. Therefore, doctors call for planning a pregnancy and carefully preparing for it. Healthy offspring will be your best reward for the work done. Take care of your health!

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