How many births do primiparous women have

How many births do primiparous women have?

Factors determining the duration of childbirth

Each person is an individual with a single and unique organism, fingerprints, metabolic features. Even in some parents, daughters can be completely different in character, morbidity, speed of recovery, perception of drugs. And the first birth of two sisters can take place in completely different ways.

From what does the speed of the appearance of the baby depend on the light? First of all, on how the cervix will open. An important factor is the comparability of the parameters of the birth canal and the child, for example, in the case of a narrow pelvis, it is difficult for the parturient to be born, and therefore, during the delivery, a decision is made about the need for caesarean section.

Much depends on the mood and obedience of the mothers. If she does not listen to the doctor and thinks only of herself, concentrates on pain, then the whole process is thereby delayed. Its speed depends on how the woman in labor breathes, how the fights are going, and how she fights. When a woman acts correctly, the delivery time also decreases. And for this, the expectant mother must know in advance what exactly is waiting for her, how to act at this or that stage of childbirth. Having such information, acting correctly, overcoming yourself at certain moments, you can hope that the first birth will take place in about ten hours. But if complications arise in their process, the woman in childbirth panics, does not listen to the obstetrician-gynecologist, then everything can be delayed for a day. However, this does not mean that all the time the woman will push in the delivery room and scream in pain. The length of labor is calculated based on several periods.

About stages of labor in primiparas

Usually the longest part of the labor process is occupied by fights. At first-borns at first they infrequent and not strong. The cervix opens gradually, which means that at home the woman can watch her favorite TV series. But all the same it is better to be safe and recover to the maternity hospital, and not to stay home alone. Contractions will gradually increase. You need to move to help the cervix open. After this, there comes a period of attempts. The woman will need to push and at this stage to give all the best, because in attempts a woman helps the child to move along the patrimonial ways, facilitates his tasks. This stage can last 40 minutes, maybe an hour. It is necessary to listen to the instructions of the obstetrician-gynecologist, to breathe, to push, not to be afraid of anything. After all, fear and panic will only exacerbate tension. It will be much more difficult for a baby to be born. If the behavior of the mother is inadequate, hypoxia of the fetus may occur. Then midwives will have to use special tools to extract it. And this increases the risk of birth injuries, so a woman should control her behavior to the fullest extent, overcoming pain and fear. And after you hear the first cry of your long-awaited crumb, you can relax a bit. But not for long, because we must still give birth to the latter. This is an important point. However, the main and longest period of labor will be over. And the birth of the afterbirth in some women-first-borns takes a minute or two, in others - up to half an hour. And the doctor in this will help. If the woman in labor has formed ruptures, the final stage of labor will be suturing. This period lasts about 10-15 minutes and depends on what discontinuities formed: external or internal.

So, the physiological birth in primiparous women lasts about 10 hours. The second can be twice as fast if the interval between pregnancies is small, up to 6 years. And if this gap is 10 or more years, then the second birth for a woman can last as much as the first. After all, the reproductive system "forgets" how it needs to act, and the body grows old.

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