How many times can I do cesarean delivery?

How many times can I do cesarean delivery?

Therefore it is quite natural that women (or those who are preparing to become a mother for the first time or repeatedly) are interested in how many times a cesarean section can be done. Let's try to find out this exciting and extremely important issue.

The number of cesarean sections is limited

Since the incision at caesarean section is always done in the uterus, as a rule, in one place, it is quite logical to assume that performing such manipulation an infinite number of times can be dangerous. The greatest risk is the divergence of sutures - this condition poses a life threat not only to the fetus, but also to the woman.

Therefore, when asked how many times a cesarean section can be done, obstetrician-gynecologists always answered unequivocally: a cesarean section for one woman can be performed twice during life without significant risks. In some cases, according to indications, there may be a third cesarean. But this should be decided by specialists, not by a woman. And after the third kesar sorts doctors always recommended sterilization.

Moreover, Between the first and second such an operation should take at least 2 years. That's why doctors do not recommend a woman who survived cesarean, get pregnant in the near future (both childbirth and abortion are equally dangerous in this period). However, the same recommendation is relevant for all: the body after birth must be restored, which takes a long time.

New trends

However, modern future mothers and gynecologists are not so cautious as before. Many women decide to resort to surgical intervention during childbirth without any indication - only because of fear or other considerations. And we must admit that often gynecologists support them in such intentions.

Moreover, today doctors no longer insist on limiting Caesar's operations. Many women see this as purely commercial interest, but doctors explain the new position differently. For many years of obstetric gynecology development, serious steps have been taken. Today the incision of the peritoneum and uterus is in most cases produced by a short transverse incision in the lower abdomen, and not by longitudinal excision from the navel to the pubis, as before. According to the latest techniques, seams are also applied with the use of threads that accelerate the healing process and generally shorten the recovery period after cesarean section.

All this in combination led to the fact that it became possible to conduct cesarean almost indefinitely, and foreign practice confirms this with eloquent examples. But, of course, you should always take into account the state of health of the woman in labor and the fetus, the course of pregnancy, the condition of stitches and the presence of scars after previous operations, the woman's tolerance of anesthesia and surgery in general.

Meanwhile, I want to remind all women that natural childbirth is still the best way for a baby to come into the world, both for him and for you, if there are no medical contraindications to it. In addition, if the first birth was performed with the help of a cesarean because of the incorrect placement of the fetus in the uterus or its large size, and not because of abnormalities in the mother's body that are present in the second birth, the natural birth after cesarean section is quite are possible and even desirable.

We sincerely wish you successful birth, regardless of their kind and quantity on the account. Remember, always the decisive factor in the development of the baby is your unconditional love for him! But their own health and life, however, should not be taken. Take any decisions carefully.

Love to you and joy!

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