How many weeks go on maternity leave

How many weeks go on maternity leave

About the duration of maternity leave

First, let's define the concept of the maternity leave itself. This period is considered to be a vacation granted to future mothers for a specific time before and after the birth of a child. According to the Russian laws (we are talking about the Labor Code of the Russian Federation) in case of single-pregnancy and normal delivery, the duration of such leave is one hundred and forty calendar days. If the single-pregnancy pregnancy ends with complicated births (this may be a cesarean section), then its duration increases to 156 days. When the pregnancy is multiple and two or more children are born, the duration of maternity leave is 194 days.

About the terms of leaving for the decree

And now about the very terms of leaving the maternity leave for the future mother. If a single woman is pregnant, then she goes to the hospital at 30 weeks of pregnancy. That is, returning to the duration of maternity leave, this is seventy days before childbirth and as many after them.

When a woman's pregnancy is prolific, she becomes "disabled" a little earlier - at the time of 28 weeks of pregnancy. Then, respectively, the duration of maternity leave is 84 days before delivery and 110 days after them.

There are situations when, during or after childbirth, there are complications or the need for a woman to stay in a hospital. In this case, maternity leave is prolonged and it is formalized by the extract of the second sickness certificate. True, his payment is different from the hospital for pregnancy and childbirth.

Begin maternity leave for a woman with the issuance of a sick leave sheet for pregnancy and childbirth. He is discharged only to working women. The sick-list to the pregnant woman is issued in that women's consultation, where she is observed, and the date of the decree will be calculated by her gynecologist.

If during the entire period of pregnancy the working woman was not registered in the women's consultation, she was not observed by a gynecologist, then she still has the right to receive a hospital pregnancy and childbirth. This is also important to know, although this is more likely an exception to the rules.

The labor legislation guarantees to the future mother that for the period of her decree the workplace for her remains. It does not give the right to the head to fire or cut a woman who is on maternity leave. It is also forbidden to transfer it to another place of work or position for the period before the end of the decree.

About additional leave

The labor legislation of the Russian Federation allows the pregnant woman to take her annual leave before or after the decree. This is stated in Article 260 of the LC RF. This paid leave enables a woman to go into the decree before 30 weeks.

By the way, a woman should know about another advantageous for her nuance, which guarantees legislation. It is about the opportunity for her husband to take an extraordinary vacation during the maternity leave of his wife. The employer is obliged to grant such leave at the request of a man who is obliged to provide the necessary documents for this.

In our time, a lot of pregnant women continue to work, being on maternity leave. This is possible when there is an agreement with the head of the arrangement. In this case, the woman is responsible for her own health and her own health. It also happens that after the birth of the baby mom must go to work. Then it is possible to arrange a parental leave for any member of the family. Today, many women enjoy this right.

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