How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy

How not to gain weight during pregnancy - nutrition, exercise and other tips

To begin with, a large increase in excess kilograms during pregnancy is fraught not only with aesthetic problems, but also the development of many diseases. Excess weight leads to hypertension, pyelonephritis, and can also cause a large fetal size, which significantly complicates the course of pregnancy and childbirth. That's why every future mother should take care of her figure and follow the rules of rational nutrition.

Weight gain norm in the waiting period of the child

At the reception of a gynecologist you will surely hear the presence of how many extra pounds in your case is normal. The average weight gain during the gestation period is 8-12 kg. When there is a lack of body weight in a pregnant woman, the norm is considered to be an increase of 10-15 kg, at excess weight - 5-8 kg. Therefore, the indicator of the weight gain depends on how much the woman weighed before pregnancy. If you notice that during the first months of waiting the baby began to recover greatly, the doctor can recommend a diet that helps to lose weight.

Secrets of preserving the figure during pregnancy:

  1. Frequent meals in small portions. If you do not overload the stomach with a lot of food, then not only will you avoid excess fat formation on the sides and fetal growth, but forget about the heartburn. Buy yourself a beautiful dish of a small size and eat with pleasure.
  2. Walking in the fresh air. The intake of oxygen in the body of a pregnant woman helps to speed up metabolic processes, and also promotes fat burning and improves blood circulation. Take the rule of daily walking in the park for an hour, and the problem of excess weight for you will become irrelevant.
  3. Moderate physical activity in the form of exercises for pregnant women, yoga, swimming and even housekeeping will help turn excess calories into energy and will become an excellent prevention of weight gain.
  4. Sleep and wakefulness is also important in the desire to maintain a beautiful figure during pregnancy. A full night rest and additional day sleep provide a normal course of metabolic processes for the processing of calories. But the lack of sleep provokes nervous overexertion and even causes disruptions in the hormonal and digestive systems.
  5. Of course, to not gain excess weight during pregnancy, it is necessary to exclude prohibited foods from the diet. Refrain from eating hamburgers, soda, canned, sharp and over-salted dishes. Diversify your diet with a lot of vegetable, cereal and fermented milk products.
  6. Do not forget about the drinking regimen, which will ensure the normal functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and will allow you to forget about excess weight forever. Try to drink at least 8 glasses of clean water a day.
  7. Regular weighing will allow you to monitor your weight. Normal is considered an increase in 250-350 g per week.

In conclusion of our today's conversation, I would like to note, that at a strong set of weight at pregnancy it is possible to use unloading days on kefir or apples. However, before deciding on a diet while waiting for the baby, you should consult your doctor. Despite the fact that overweight is not welcomed by any specialist, it needs to be corrected, taking into account the individual characteristics of each pregnant woman.

Good luck to you!

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