How the cork looks before delivery

How the mucous plug looks and leaves during pregnancy

Among a string of rising questions all pregnant women are interested in how the mucous plug looks before delivery and when does it go away?

Mucous plug is the formation of mucus that clogs the entrance to the cervix. It is necessary to protect the fetus from threats from the outside world (getting into the uterus of pathogenic microorganisms and the development of infection there), the mucous plug is formed at the very beginning of pregnancy and departs shortly before the onset of labor. How to know that this is it?

This cork is formed of a transparent mucus of white and yellow color. That is, education is quite dense, women compare it with silicone, snot, jelly. At the time of withdrawal, the capillaries of the cervix due to the opening opening may burst, so the mucous plug is often colored pink, red or brown (most often, it's just blood veins in the mucous clot).

All mucous plug before birth looks different. It can be pure white or yellow without any admixtures of blood, evenly painted in beige or pinkish color or contain only red or brown veins. The general one: it must certainly be a clot of mucus, and not water and God forbid blood. It happens that the mucous plug leaves with amniotic fluid, then it is easy not to notice it. But if it starts to heal (go bloody discharge from the vagina), immediately go to the hospital - it does not have anything to do with getting off the cork.

Mucous cork by volume is about 2 tablespoons. But it can not come out all at once or completely. Most often the cork comes out in pieces over a period of time, less often - all at once with a large dense clot (then it can not be confused with something else). It happens that it does not go out at all or it happens already in childbirth - so that a woman may not observe the removal of the cork. In general, if harbingers of births have already appeared, and the mucous plug has not yet departed - it's okay.

Departure of the mucous plug shows that the cervix begins to open, preparing for childbirth. From this moment until the birth of the baby can go from several hours to several days and even weeks. Be prepared for the fact that labor can begin at any time, but do not worry, if it did not happen tomorrow - different women from the moment of the separation of the plug to the delivery, as we said, go through different times and this is not a sign that you are already giving birth.

Most often, the mucus plug leaves in the morning: a woman discovers a slimy clot on the laundry. From this moment, it is necessary to show increased caution and foresight. Keep in mind that the path to the fetus opens, which means that the risk of infection increases. After the departure of the mucous plug you can not take a bath, bathe in pools or water. In the rest nothing special to undertake it is not necessary. Enjoy the last days of pregnancy and do not leave far from home - birth is already close!

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