How the delivery in the maternity hospital is stimulated

How to stimulate childbirth in the hospital and whether it should be done?

Indications for stimulation

First of all, it should be noted that not everyone prescribes stimulation in the maternity hospital. And it does not matter, the woman entered the institution with contractions or lay for a long time on the preservation in the antenatal ward. There are several conditions in which it is extremely important to urgently start the delivery process. These include the following:

  • pregnancy overdelivery;
  • malfunctions in labor activity;
  • problems associated with normal fetal development.

The births occurring during the 38-42 weeks of pregnancy are considered natural. But fully mature and ready to be born is considered to be a forty-week-old child. Many doctors at the approach of this period recommend not to delay delivery and in the absence of fights prescribe stimulation. A delayed pregnancy can adversely affect a baby's health. This is due to aging of the placenta - a natural process, which is almost impossible to slow down. As a result, the baby begins to receive less oxygen, as well as the nutrients needed for it. The next indicator for stimulation during perenashivanii is the maturity of the digestive system of the fetus. It is almost impossible to track it, but the fact is obvious. In most cases, at birth for 41-42 weeks of pregnancy in the amniotic fluid is meconium - the original feces of the child. But the fruit after all swallows these waters, and is always in them. In such cases, toxic effects can not be avoided. At the same time, childbirth is known for a period of 42 weeks with clean waters.

To appoint stimulation the doctor can at infringements of the most generic process or at incomplete readiness for it of a female organism. This includes the passage of amniotic fluid more than 24-48 hours ago, incomplete cervical dilatation, absence of fights or their oppression. Extremely it is not recommended to delay labor in primiparas for more than 24 hours and for re-birthdays for more than 12 hours. During this period, the woman is much tired, and the child can suffer from oxygen starvation. Stimulation of birth will help prepare the birth canal, and the baby will safely be born.

Sometimes intrauterine fetal development requires medical intervention. If at the gestational age of 40 weeks its weight is less than 2500 g or more than 4,500 g (this can be learned with the help of ultrasound), then stimulation is necessary. Fruit with a low weight, perhaps, does not receive nutrients from the mother for any reason. Therefore, it is better to help him be born as soon as possible in order to examine and correct his health. Fortunately, modern medicine allows this. Today, there are special devices, the conditions of which are close to intrauterine. The birth of a large fetus is also quite difficult. And if he has already typed the specified weight, then it is possible to designate the start of natural childbirth only if the size of the female pelvis is sufficient. In other cases, a woman is prepared for caesarean section.

Methods of birth stimulation

There are several ways in which you can approach the beginning or accelerate stable generic activity:

  • detachment of membranes;
  • using the Foley catheter;
  • hormonal method;
  • amniotomy.

The obstetrician-gynecologist can mechanically disconnect the membrane. To do this, he inserts a finger into the vagina and separates the membrane that connects the uterus to the fetal bladder. Such manipulation promotes the production of the prostaglandin hormone, which is extremely necessary for the generic process.

The Foley catheter is a special canister that is inserted into the cervical canal and filled with water. As a result, it expands, which facilitates the detachment of the fetal bladder from the lower segment of the uterus. The procedure starts the production of substances that stimulate delivery.

Hormones for stimulation of labor can be administered orally, vaginally and intravenously. The oral method involves taking a pill that contains synthetic antigestagens, causing contractions of uterine musculature. After a single administration of the drug in most cases, the generic process becomes active 24 hours later, if it does not occur, another tablet is prescribed. Vaginally, before birth, prostaglandins can be administered. They prepare the cervix, soften it and promote the opening. Oxytocin - a hormone that causes contractions - is injected intravenously. It stimulates the contraction of the uterus and expels the fetus from it. The choice of a drug is performed by an obstetrician-gynecologist individually, after having examined the woman and studying her pregnancy history.

With mild labor, women who have not lost water can be accelerated by amniotomy. A special instrument pierces the fetal bladder, as a result of which water flows - and generic activity is started.

Contraindications to stimulation

Running births in an unnatural way has its contraindications. It should not be done if:

  • the previous birth of a woman ended with Caesarean section;
  • the fetus or placenta is misplaced;
  • the size of the head of the fetus does not match the size of the woman's pelvis;
  • the condition of the child is unsatisfactory;
  • the mother has bleeding at the woman in labor;
  • if you have a history of such diseases as diabetes, infectious diseases of the uterus or hypertension.

If under such conditions the birth does not occur on its own, that is, in a natural way, then the mother is prepared for cesarean section.

How can I stimulate births myself without danger to the pregnant woman and the fetus?

There are several methods that can be used during pregnancy to help your body prepare for childbirth. It is believed that male sperm has a beneficial effect on the cervix. It helps her to ripen and easier to open. Therefore, many doctors recommend that women have sex in the last days of pregnancy. Of course, if there are no contraindications, such as increased uterine tone, for example. Easy massage of the nipple can also contribute to the onset of contractions of the uterine musculature. Hiking in the fresh air favorably affects the female body and in later periods can be the beginning of labor. Not bad helps and a warm bath, only to take it is necessary with the integrity of the fruit bladder, that is, before the waters escape.

The main thing - with the onset of the date of birth is not to fuss and especially not to worry. Of course, this is an important moment in the life of every woman, but the stress with it is undesirable. Emphasized adrenaline during the experience blocks the production of hormones necessary for delivery. Therefore it is better to be reserved by calmness, patience and to trust in doctors - then all will pass safely.

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