How to calculate the sex of a child

How to calculate the sex of the child - by blood, by the date of conception, by ovulation

Variety of methods for determining sex

If we talk about the first child, the interests of the parents about the sex of the baby are driven, rather, by curiosity. This is so important and significant for them: boy or girl? In this case, parents use independent methods of sex determination, until they get the result of ultrasound.

As for the second child, most dads and moms want to have a child of a certain sex: if there is a son, then they dream about the daughter and vice versa. And then we are talking about the long-term planning of sex, and not about its definition after conception. That is, in the case of the second child, the couple tries to correctly choose the date of conception of the child of a particular sex. And for this there are many ways.

Nowadays, the sex of a child is calculated by the date of birth of his parents, by the day of conception, by blood group, and also by the last update of blood and Rh factor. There are many Japanese and Chinese tests for determining the gender of the child, tables, as well as a large number of people's signs, which in their majority relate to the future mother.

By updating the blood

This method of determining the sex of the child is based on the following statement: the birth of a son or daughter depends on the parent who has & bdquo; fresh & rdquo; blood. At mums it is updated once in three years, and at daddies - time for four years. That is, if the papa's blood is refreshed later, it means it's fresh, and the baby will inherit Papa's sex. You can try this method by filling out a special table. But we must not forget that the significant loss of blood contributes to its renewal. Therefore, when filling out the table, you should mark either your birthday or the date of the last loss of blood. For example, the date of the operation, trauma with blood transfusion, the days of her donation as a donor. This method is well proven and gives reliable results.

By the date of conception

There is a special program that helps to plan the birth of a son or daughter. It shows the most suitable day for the onset of pregnancy by a boy or girl. To do this, in the test you need to carefully fill in all the graphs and in the end to find out the result.

There is another way to determine the sex of the baby by the date of conception. He is the most & bdquo; Fresh & rdquo; , and invented by his American astrologers after a series of studies. For such a definition, you need to know which sign of the zodiac at the time of conception was the Moon. All twelve signs of the zodiac are divided into male and female. And if during the conception the Moon was in the female sign, then most likely, you will have a daughter, and if in the male - the son. Male marks belong to Sagittarius, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo and Libra. Women are considered Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio.


Female physiology is designed so that the onset of pregnancy is possible only once a month with the onset of ovulation - a favorable period for conception. Favorable are 1-2 days in the middle of the menstrual cycle, when a mature egg leaves the follicle, ready for sperm fertilization. It should be borne in mind that it is the father who determines the sex of the future child, depending on which sperm fertilizes the egg. So, spermatozoa with Y-chromosomes are more active and mobile, because they are the first & bdquo; get & rdquo; before the ovule and when it is fertilized, a boy is born. If during the sexual certificate or act the ovulation has not come yet, spermatozoons with Y-chromosomes & bdquo; wait & rdquo; they will not, they are not tenacious. But their cousins, spermatozoa with X-chromosomes, have a longer period of life and are capable of & bdquo; wait & rdquo; three days before the time of ovulation. When they fertilize an egg, they give birth to a girl.

From this follows this conclusion: you want a boy - have sex exactly on the day of ovulation. To determine its occurrence, you can use special tests for ovulation, which are sold at the pharmacy. You can do with this goal and ultrasound. If you want to give birth to a daughter, then you need to have sex before the onset of ovulation.

Scientific methods of sex determination

The most popular of these is an ultrasound examination of a future mother. The maximum exact result this method will give after 23 weeks of pregnancy. In a few cases, you can calculate the sex of the future child after the 16th week of the term.

Chorion biopsy is a procedure for calculating the sex of a child with 100% accuracy. This manipulation should be performed at week 10 of pregnancy, but only for medical reasons. After all, this method of sex determination, unfortunately, is not entirely safe for the child. Conduct a study with a special needle, removing from the uterus several cells of the future placenta. To calculate the sex of the child, it is simply out of curiosity that a biopsy is not recommended. And if, for example, there is a risk of a genetic transfer of hemophilia (blood incontinence, which is characteristic only of boys), then a biopsy should be done.

So, there are many methods for calculating the sex of the future child. But even if their results do not coincide with your expectations, do not be discouraged. After all, the main thing is the birth of a healthy, strong, intelligent child. And you will love the same son and daughter.

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