How to cause a fight

How to cause a fight at home?

Is it worth it to accelerate childbirth?

The pregnant woman always remembers the expected date of birth. But, as a rule, a woman can give birth from 38 weeks to 42. During this period, birth is considered normal and full. Is it worth interfering during pregnancy and childbirth, if a woman feels well? To really verify this, you need to undergo research. So, after 38 weeks every 7 days for evaluation of the fetal status appoint CTG. Additionally it can be ultrasound.

Home methods of calling fights

Usually women on the 40-41 week, frightened by artificial stimulation, want the birth to begin. And then the methods of "stimulation" at home come to the aid.

Let's get acquainted with their types:

  1. Walking. This is a natural and safe way to speed up the onset of labor. Walking is useful for pregnant women at any time, and in the third trimester they will still help exercise to stimulate the onset of the birth process.
  2. Sex. The fact is that the sperm contains prostaglandins - substances that are administered to a woman medically to stimulate childbirth. Orgasm causes contraction of the uterus, which grows into fights. Proceeding from this, sex with orgasm is a "natural" way, speeding up the onset of labor.
  3. Physical exercise. You can wash floors without a mop, clean up or other household tasks that require physical activity. But do not overdo it!
  4. Warm bath. This is also a method of physical exercise, only passive. Use it with caution. In no case is suitable for women with high blood pressure.
  5. Food rich in fiber. If you are afraid of the above methods of stimulation of fights at home, then begin to eat intensively, foods that are full of fiber. This is porridge, vegetables and fruits. Thus, you strengthen intestinal peristalsis, pressure on the uterus and get a chance to give birth earlier.
  6. Aromatherapy. In some cases, odors can also stimulate generic activity. For example, to promote the onset of labor can aroma lamp with essential oil of rose or jasmine. We must also take into account the increased sensitivity to oils, and possible intolerance.

Medication stimulation of fights

If you rely entirely on medicine, trust your doctor and do not want to experiment with stimulation of contractions yourself, then you will be stimulated in the hospital.

How does the birth of doctors? There is an "assortment" of methods for the onset of labor and the onset of labor. They are used in obstetrics, taking into account the individual characteristics of women and the state of pregnancy at the time of arrival in the hospital. Doctors prescribe injections or pills, open the fetal membrane, inject oxytocin. And still possible the introduction of prostaglandins, about which we already recalled. Each method has its own advantages and contraindications in application.

The most important thing for a pregnant woman is to remember that none of her "colleagues" remained pregnant until the end of her life. Every child, including yours, will definitely be born, will be a consolation, a joy for the parents. And while you are feeling fine, try not to panic about the lack of fights. Peace, a positive attitude and a smile should be your companions in the last days of pregnancy. And then everything will turn out perfectly!

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