How to cause childbirth

How to cause birth in a natural way?

How to cause childbirth in a hospital

The most "popular" method of birth-giving today is amniotomy, or autopsy of a fetal bladder. Amniotomy is performed in the maternity department, after examination and in the absence of contraindications. A fetal bladder is opened with a special tool, while the woman does not feel any discomfort or painful sensations. Amniotomy is indicated only under the condition of the "mature" cervix of the uterus, after the procedure for 2-3 hours an observation is made, amniotic fluid is poured out in large quantities almost immediately, but continues to leak during the entire labor act. If the birth does not begin after 2-3 hours after the autopsy of the fetal bladder, a decision is made to introduce intravenously drugs that stimulate labor.

How to cause childbirth at home

There are methods of activating labor, which can be practiced outside the hospital, some of which can not be called pleasant. Among other things, it is about sex, which, according to popular rumor, perfectly stimulates the reduction of the uterus and promotes the beginning of fights. The main thing - to have sex without a condom: a reduction in the uterus provokes sperm, or rather, the substance prostaglandin, which is included in its composition. However, it should be borne in mind that sex as a stimulation of labor is not always shown: one can not resort to sex without a condom in the presence of sexually transmitted diseases, a woman's milkwoman, also under the prohibition of sex with placenta previa, its low location.

Another way to activate the birth activity is to stimulate the nipples, and no matter how it is done: by the partner's lips or by the fingers of the mother herself. The trick of this method is the formation in the body in the process of stimulation of the nipples of the substance oxytocin, which is known for its properties to cause uterine contractions. However, massage the nipples with caution, so as not to injure them and prevent the penetration of microcracks infection leading to the development of mastitis.

It is believed that a good way to stimulate labor can be physical activity in its various options. Long walks, charging for pregnant women, climbing stairs, belly dancing, even banal cleaning and washing the floors (but without the presence of heavy buckets!) can become good "helpers" to intensify the fights. That's only excessive loads must be avoided - they can entail a serious complication, namely, detachment of the placenta.

Approaching the birth can help cleanse the intestines: with enemas or with the use of small doses of laxative. For the same purpose (stimulation of labor), castor oil can be used: the oil is dripped into black bread and eaten with it (or you can just drink 100-15 grams of castor oil, which does not disdain).

The methods of activation of labor are also referred to as: contrast shower, aromatherapy (using jasmine and / or rose oils), foot massage. It is also believed, that certain food products can help speed up the onset of labor: parsley, boiled beet or beet juice, currant juice, raspberry leaf tea.

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