How to check a man for infertility

How to determine infertility in men?

So, how can you test a partner for the ability to conceive? What inspections does he need to get through this?

Sexually active - does not mean healthy

Doctors say that male infertility means the inability of a mature man to conceive a child. Such a pathology is not a disease, but a state of the organism, in which representatives of the strong half of humanity observe disruptions in the work of systems and organs.

In most cases, men are shocked by their "infertility" diagnosis. After all, many believe that sexual activity, the ability to satisfy a woman - is already the ability to conceive. Men confuse the ability to erect with the ability of sperm to fertilize female eggs. Not having complaints about health, being indefatigable in bed, they refuse to believe that they can be fruitless.

If the ability to fertilize depended on the sexual activity of men, everything would be simpler, but, alas, this is not so.

And to establish an accurate diagnosis of a partner requires comprehensive diagnosis under the guidance of a urologist and andrologist.

It is logical to suspect a man's pathology when, during a regular sexual life, a healthy woman does not conceive during a year.

Definition of infertility in men

It consists of clinical and laboratory examinations. The first includes a primary survey, diagnosis of the genitourinary condition, a consultation of a sex therapist, genetics, a therapist.

The examination in the laboratory is a spermogram.

This part of the diagnosis is an important stage in assessing the overall fertility and condition of the male in all the gonads. Spermogram allows to obtain high and stable indicators for each patient, which makes it possible to limit one such analysis.

For the test for male infertility, it is necessary to collect sperm. This usually happens with the help of masturbation. It is collected in a specially designed sterile container. To make a spermogram, to receive ejaculate through interrupted sexual intercourse, or to use a latex condom is unacceptable.

To get an objective analysis, a man must properly prepare for it. Three to five days before the sperm is delivered, sexual abstinence is necessary. In addition, you should also refrain from drinking alcohol, drugs, fatty and spicy foods. Do not take a hot bath the day before.

The spermogram will determine, in what state are the male sperm. It is about determining their number, mobility, viability. Also, the presence of infections in the semen is checked.

According to the results of the spermogram, there are such forms of male infertility:

  1. Secretory. Most often diagnosed in the representatives of the strong half is this type of infertility. It is a question of inactive spermatozoa, unable to reach the ovum, fertilize it. Treatment of the secretory form occurs with the help of hormonal drugs and other medications.
  2. Obturation. This variety is characterized by the presence of obstacles in the way of movement of spermatozoa. Similar complications arise as a result of traumas, inflammations. Most often, the treatment of obturational form of male infertility is surgical.
  3. Immunological. In this case, the body of a man produces specific antibodies that prevent the fertilization of eggs. To correct this situation, an additional MAR-test will be required, as well as complex treatment.

So, do not delay a visit to the doctor, if the couple have suspicions of infertility partner. With the appointed examination, you can not delay too. Spermogram will accurately and qualitatively determine the shape of infertility and give the man adequate therapy.

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