How to clean the abdomen after a cesarean section

How to clean the abdomen after a cesarean section at home, folk remedies

The first thing to do after birth is to eat right! It is very important. After all, a correct and balanced diet will allow you to quickly get rid of excess weight and remove the tummy. Try not to overeat, eat often, in small portions. Exclude from the diet of sweets, smoked products, fatty foods and flour products. In order to lose weight this will be enough. Well, the extra calories do not benefit you or your baby - remember this.

Two months after childbirth, you can start classes that will help you get rid of a sagging belly. However, before you start physical exercises, be sure to show a specialist who will appreciate your condition. An experienced doctor will help you decide what kind of physical activity you are shown, and from which it is necessary to abstain for now. It is important to take into account that physically you need to load your body gradually. The ideal option is to start with hiking, then light gymnastics and then swing the press.

One of the best ways to bring a figure in order is long walks that are easy to carry out when walking with a baby. Try to walk fast, at least an hour a day. Such walks will benefit both the baby and you.

As for the exercises, the slopes are very effective for restoring the abdominal muscles. Try to perform this exercise slowly, so as not to feel any discomfort. If the doctor has not yet allowed to pump the press, then you can strengthen the abdominal muscles during daily cleaning. For example, take the rule to wash the floor not with a squeegee, but with your hands. Wiping the dust, try to reach out as far as possible, while straining the abdominal muscles.

Your baby can also become an excellent simulator for tightening the abdominal muscles. Playing with the baby, put it on your chest and try to lift it up with a thorax. Such an exercise creates the effect of swinging the press and maximally strengthens the muscles of the chest and abdomen. Another exercise: stand on the floor, on all fours, facing the baby and alternately draw and relax the stomach, playing with your child. In addition to these exercises, you can come up with a huge number of your exercises, which will help you as quickly as possible to return to the form and in parallel to take care of your child. Get a postpartum bandage that will help you pull your stomach, gradually returning it to its former form.

If you have not heard about bodyflex, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basics of this system if you do not accept heavy physical activities. Thanks to this system, with the help of proper breathing, you can easily perform stretching exercises, strengthen the muscles of the whole body, including tighten the tummy.

But for those who have tried all methods of getting rid of the abdomen, it has failed, a kind of surgical intervention, such as abdominoplasty, is suggested. With this operation, you can get rid of not only the sagging stomach, but also hide the seam after the caesarean section. However, it is important to take into account that this operation is rather complicated and time-consuming, therefore it is recommended to resort to this method only as an extreme measure.

In conclusion, we note that according to the opinion of fitness trainers, to remove the stomach after a cesarean section is not at all difficult, but you will be helped by proper nutrition, regular exercise and faith in success! Note - no operations! Therefore, believe in yourself, aim at the result and you will get it all!

Good luck to you!

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