How to clean the stomach after delivery

How to clean the stomach after delivery

Anyway, after the birth of each mother takes place, it takes time to restore the old form. The cherished dream of women in childbirth is to get rid of the abdomen after childbirth. He for 9 months of bearing the child stretched out, deformed, and that everything fell into place, need more than one month.

Many women after the birth of the baby are in front of the mirror and understand: with the figure you need to do something, and - urgently. Therefore, resort to radical methods - harmful diets and starvation. But it is not necessary at all, especially for those who are breastfeeding. The maximum weight that doctors allow to discard to young mothers after giving birth is 600 grams per month. And it is better to do this with the help of rational nutrition. Nutritionists advise to show patience and not to hurry. Radical methods are far from the best way to solve the problem. The body of a woman, to get used to a pregnant state, takes 8-9 months, and the same amount is needed for recovery after the birth of a child. To speed up the return of a good shape and a great tummy will help to balance the diet and proper exercise.

Proper nutrition after birth

In the first weeks after the birth of the baby, you must correctly distribute your time. You need to eat according to the schedule not only for the child, but for you. If you break your regime, then you will definitely want to make up for lost time and eat some sandwiches and sweets. Forget about it! It is better to stock up in advance with vegetables and fruits. Make more portions of healthy food and put them in a freezer or refrigerator. And during the day you can eat almonds - these nuts are quite nutritious. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals: cereals, muesli with yogurt and fruit. All this can be prepared in advance and stored at home. These products will add to your strength and enrich the exhausted body with vitamins, and most importantly, will not allow you to overeat, therefore, Your stomach will not stretch without stopping.

Another tip: even in a stress state, drink more ordinary water. It helps to remove harmful substances from the body.

Important advice - do not eat too much immediately. Eat small meals, but often. This is the guarantee of a beautiful appearance and inner well-being. And clean up your bowel health. Due to improper food, you may develop bloating. Consequently, and a considerable belly, because the skin after birth is subject to stretching.

Nutrition, but you also need the right exercise - and then everything will fall into place. Load and so tired body is not worth it. Start with the right walk, walk with the stroller. Conquer first small distances (700-800 meters), and then, weekly, add another half a kilometer. But notice that the meaning is not in walking itself, but in the way you do it. How difficult it is for you, straighten your back and retract your stomach. This position should eventually become fixed.

How to clean the abdomen after childbirth at home

Healthy eating, breastfeeding and wearing a postpartum bandage helps to resume faster physical forms close to prenatal, including removing the abdomen after childbirth. But in order for the process to go faster and more efficiently, it is necessary to exert physical efforts. It is convenient that you can study at home, because to break into the gym is almost impossible now.

A complex of exercises that in a few months will help you get rid of the abdomen that appeared after your baby was born:

  1. Take emphasis on the arms and legs, take the weight of the body in turn: first the load should be on your hands, then on your legs, while the buttocks will be on top, and the posture of your body should resemble an isosceles triangle. Exercise repeat 10-15 times.
  2. In the same position, start in turn to lift your legs back. 5 times each, alternating.
  3. Then, with the lower part of the leg and knee, stand on the floor, lean your hands and start pushing. Get down to this level until you feel the tension in the abdominal muscles. Take care that the chin does not touch the neck. Repeat this exercise 10 times.
  4. Then repeat the previous exercises again.
  5. To rest, stand on your toes, take a deep breath, while hands slowly lift up and stretch as long as you want to reach the sun, then exhale and just as slowly lower your hands.
  6. Lie on your back, legs spread on the width of shoulders, put your hands behind your head and start swinging the "partial press". That is, do not lift the entire body, but just get up so that the muscles of the abdomen work.
  7. To correct the tummy, you need to do side exercises, and the same number of times in each direction, then everything will be trained proportionally. Lying in the same position, hold one hand behind the head, pull the other along the body and make 3 lungs on each side.
  8. Add in your complex and exercises for the back, because if you do not slouch your shoulders and align your back, then you'll notice, that the stomach just became smaller. Therefore, do not neglect such elementary exercises as five-minute standing at the wall or walking with books on your head.
  9. Be sure to wear a special bandage in the last months of pregnancy and all the time after birth. It will definitely help the muscles of the abdomen and will relieve the back.

Without effort, you can not pull out the fish from the pond. In order to regain an excellent tummy without stretch marks and wrinkles, every day you will have to make considerable efforts, but it's worth it.

When to start after the birth

Before starting intensive physical education and sports after childbirth, it is necessary to consult your gynecologist regarding the timing and permissible loads. Usually, doctors allow women in labor to take physical exertion not earlier than three to four months after the birth of the child, but this is only if the birth has gone without complications. If there are gaps or a woman underwent a caesarean section, the recovery period may be a much longer time interval, but not less than six months or at least five months.

In addition, mothers after cesarean and having given birth with tears or other birth trauma need to be extremely weighed up to choose exercises for the abdomen after childbirth. To assess the state of your body and the degree of its readiness for physical exertion, as well as to choose the most safe and effective set of exercises possible after consultation with your gynecologist and ideally - also with the coach.

You also need to know that intensive physical training can lead to a decrease in the production of breast milk and even a change in its taste due to the release into the blood of metabolic products in the process of muscle training. That is, when playing sports during the period of breastfeeding, the risk of the disappearance of breast milk and the refusal of the baby from the breast increases noticeably.

So do not get excited and hurry. Now the most important thing is to preserve your health and multiply your baby. Focus on well-organized breastfeeding and restoring the strength after childbirth and sleepless nights. And when the time is right for you, enthusiastically start practicing and driving your stomach if you still have it.

Be happy and beautiful!

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