How to conceive a healthy child

How to conceive and give birth to a healthy child?

And are the parents healthy?

Not always healthy healthy children appear in healthy external parents. But a lot of problems can be prevented and taken away from a fragile and defenseless baby even before his birth. The future mother and father of the baby are simply obliged to worry about this. Preparation for the birth of a child does not begin when women are delayed menstruation. After all, nature is not always able to cope with the adverse impact of moral loads, stress, lifestyle, which are especially characteristic of young people living in megacities. This is not the best place for permanent residence. This lifestyle is a chronic stress, an overload of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. Hypodinamia (low mobility arising from sedentary work) and inadequate nutrition are also factors in the weakening of the body. And how can such an organism conceive a healthy child?

Yes, and for the general state of health, young people do not always follow. They often just do not pay attention to the symptoms of diseases that eventually become chronic in form and without proper treatment. That's with such a "bouquet" in the mother's body and sometimes a new life appears. Therefore it is not surprising that she is also very weak. This is often manifested by threats of miscarriages in the early stages of pregnancy.

Examination before pregnancy

So, it becomes clear why it is so important to plan pregnancy. Every effort should be made both for the future father and mother in order to prevent possible deviations and disturbances, so that conception occurs in healthy conditions in a healthy environment.

And do not be afraid either to hesitate to undergo a health examination before pregnancy! This is a completely normal process and a competent approach of responsible parents.

First, the future mother should consult a gynecologist. It is better if it is a doctor whom she trusts, who has consulted more than once. He can already know about possible problems and deviations in the body.

The spouse needs to come to this doctor, because it is necessary to question the future parents for a proper assessment of their health condition, collecting information about heredity, possible genetic predispositions to diseases. Sometimes it is required and consultation with the therapist and neurologist, oculist and cardiologist. Survey of both spouses should be thorough.

Close attention, of course, is given to the future mother. This examination of the gynecologist to identify possible malformations of the genital organs, check for oncological diseases, examination of the mammary glands and a smear for cytology.

Today, this medical examination is supplemented by ultrasound. Pass it preferably at the end of critical days.

If a married couple has had unsuccessful pregnancies that ended in miscarriages and premature births, then they need a very thorough examination. Most likely, a gynecologist will send a man and a woman to a consultation with a geneticist. A woman can be offered to do ultrasound at different stages of the menstrual cycle. This is done to diagnose the condition of the endometrium - the inner layer of the uterus.

Infections affecting the fetus

There are a number of dangerous infections that can occur in the bodies of future parents in a latent form. They can cause the pregnancy to die, the child's ugliness.

Not always detection of microorganisms leads to impaired development of the fetus. However, the risk of adverse changes significantly increases. There are two ways of transmitting infection to the fetus. The first is with blood through the placenta. The second is through the infected genitalia of the mother. So, briefly about all the threats:

  • Rubella. The rubella virus is considered the most dangerous, because it is almost always transmitted to the future child and leads to serious violations. Congenital rubella in a baby leads to the development of cataracts and deafness, heart defects. The most dangerous for the fetus is infection on a period of up to 5 weeks. Rubella manifests itself and miscarriages, and death of newborns.

If a woman in her childhood was sick with rubella or vaccinated against her, then you can be calm. When planning a pregnancy several months before conception, you need to get a rubella vaccine, pass an antibody test to make sure you have immunity.

  • CytomegusAlovirus. This infection is transmitted by airborne and sexual transmission. It is considered the second most dangerous after rubella. If pregnancy occurs in a woman infected with a cytomegalic pathogen, then if the child is infected early in pregnancy, there is a risk of miscarriage or abnormalities in the child's development. Prevention of cytomegalovirus infection can only serve as a taboo for contacts with patients in acute stages.
  • Herpes. It is considered less dangerous among viral infections. After all, the probability of infection of the baby and the development of pathologies in this case is small. However, the exacerbation of genital herpes in a pregnant woman after the 32nd week of the term is considered dangerous. After all, a child can get infected while passing through the mother's birth canal. For peace of mind, you should pass before the conception test for the definition of the herpes simplex virus.
  • Flu. The danger, which is fraught with the flu virus for a pregnant woman, says little. However, this infection is rather insidious. Not even a virus is dangerous, but its complications on the immune and cardiovascular system, the kidneys. The most serious consequence may be the threat of miscarriage or early childbirth. And even after the flu, you can "catch" pneumococcal or staphylococcal infection.
  • Toxoplasmosis. The greatest threat from all bacterial infections for the pregnant woman and her baby is toxoplasmosis. Infection is infected through meat that has been infected, or through contact with a cat. The second way is a more frequent way of infection. If a woman before the onset of pregnancy has suffered toxoplasmosis, then her immunity remains for life. Toxoplasmosis is not an indication for abortion. If ultrasound does not show organic changes, the tests will be in order, then there is nothing to worry about. And the prevention of toxoplasmosis is a taboo on contact with cats. Very often, women stroke other people's animals and become infected with this infection because of their kindness. By the way, it can be present in the body of a cat that has been living in the house of a future mother for a long time.

In addition to the above infections, there are others that pose a threat to the future mother and child. This candidiasis and mycoplasmosis, trichomoniasis and chlamydia. Their presence in the body of a future mother increases the risk of miscarriages and stillbirth. But with early diagnosis, adequate treatment before pregnancy, these infections will not be dangerous.

And a spiritual blessing

In addition to the physical health of both parents, their spiritual condition is an important factor. The child is a gift from God. Therefore it is important to give birth to him in a marriage that is bound by church ties. It's about the wedding of the couple. After all, today many men and women give birth to children without a spiritual blessing, which is a church marriage. The birth of a child in a church marriage is an additional protection of the child by higher powers. Such a child will be protected by God and Mother of God.

If future parents are Orthodox and baptized, go to church, then before conception one should go to the church and confess, receive communion. You can also order a moleben for a good deed, which is the birth of a child.

Today, very often women can not become pregnant. In this case, too, you need to ask for help and spiritual blessing from the Mother of God - the patroness of motherhood on the birth of a child. You can order Sorocaust for the health of a woman (this is a special prayer, which is read in the temple for 40 days). It's good to give alms after visiting the temple.

So, the complex of medical measures at the stage of child planning, a healthy lifestyle, rejection of bad habits and spiritual support will certainly help you conceive and give birth to a healthy son or daughter.

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