How to decide on the third child

How to decide to have a third child?

How do you set yourself up to ignore fears, risks, condemnation and financial difficulties?

No one doubts that a big family is a big responsibility. In today's difficult economic conditions, the birth of a third child in the family is both a great risk and a great feat. How can we overcome ourselves, cross the standards of public opinion in order to decide on this? That's what psychologists advise about this:

  1. If a person really wants something (and this is a good desire), then it's worthwhile to make your dream come true. Many women of three children do not tire of repeating that if God gives children, he gives them to children. And this means strength for the birth of a baby, health, confidence in yourself and the opportunity not to worry about the opinions of others. Relying on the providence of God, following all the commandments of the Bible, it is easy to cope with all physical and material difficulties.
  2. As for the material difficulties, not everything is so bad. First of all, you have a lot of children's things from two children, and there will not be any substantial material costs for clothes, shoes will not. Secondly, you will receive child support, maternity capital and, possibly, regional benefits, if any, in your area of ??residence. Thirdly, as they say, where two, there are three. Not too much will need material costs for the baby's nutrition, if you feed it you will be breastfed.
  3. As for the moral aspect of the appearance in the house of the third child, then there are "pluses" even more. The first is your experience. You will no longer call a pediatrician and lead a child to a clinic about a perspiration, a temperature of 37 degrees or bad sleep. With two children, you already know so much that you can cope well with diseases, and (God forbid) with minor injuries. You will always be able to feed a child who is harmful. In short, "experience is the son of the mistakes of the difficult" is now your weapon. The second plus is the presence of two nannies in the house. You already have nothing to worry about with whom to leave the baby, while you run to the pharmacy, store or when you cook dinner in the kitchen. The third positive point is the elimination of the age-old problem of the younger and older children, which manifests itself in the thesis "you are the elder, give in". Now both will yield and pay attention to the youngest, and the task of mom is to teach and teach. The fourth plus is again an educational one. It's time to delegate your responsibilities for cleaning the house, hiking in bakery, ironing and other household chores to the older child (possibly the second). If the mother is wise and authoritative, then she will not have problems with time management.
  4. Regarding the birth itself, in this respect, too, no difficulties are foreseen if the break between the second and third baby will not be more than 5 years. As obstetricians-gynecologists ascertain, the third birth is calmer, because the birth canal of a woman is already ready, she knows how to behave, and obediently follows the recommendations of medical personnel.
  5. For any healthy woman, childbirth is also a rejuvenation of the body, and the need to keep on in the tone, all the time, sharing the attention and care between the three children.
  6. Now imagine how, in the declining years, not two people rush to you, but three children with their love, attention, care, kisses, gifts. After all, your warmth, given to children, will always return as a boomerang.

If the final decision on the birth of the third child is based on the husband, then bring to him all these arguments. Together adjust yourself only to a positive outcome and prospects. The third child is triple happiness!

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