How to determine an ectopic pregnancy at home

How to determine an ectopic pregnancy at home?

That's why every woman should know about how to determine this complication of pregnancy at home.

Dangerous pregnancy

Uterus is the only organ that is designed for the growth, development and feeding of the baby. In ectopic pregnancy, a fertilized egg is attached outside its natural "home", that is, in those places where there are no conditions for its full development (in the fallopian tubes, ovaries, etc.).

Characteristic symptoms of the pathology are severe and severe pain, dizziness, and sometimes even pain shock and fainting. If you do not provide medical help on time, then severe bleeding can cause a large loss of blood or internal hemorrhage, and this already threatens the patient's life.

How to recognize a pathological pregnancy?

Prevent the development of many complications will help early identification of abnormal pregnancy and the provision of timely medical care. But the problem is that it is quite difficult to recognize the threat at the initial stage, since the signs of the anomaly differ little from the natural process of bearing the baby. For example, the delay in monthly excretions is observed in both cases.

However, with ectopic pregnancy, bloody discharge occurs, which is more like a smear. But even this sign does not always indicate a violation, since often during the normal course of pregnancy the same processes occur. Nevertheless, the "monthly" in case of abnormal fixation of the fetal egg have a slightly different character (long and dark color), therefore, each woman can distinguish the usual discharge from pathological.

The next symptom of a "wrong" pregnancy may be pain in the lower abdomen, which mostly occurs in the first weeks after the delay in menstruation.

How to distinguish a normal pregnancy from a pathology?

To make it easier for women to recognize a pathological process, we suggest considering the symptomatology of a natural and abnormal pregnancy course.

So, if conception has occurred and the fetus is fixed in the uterine cavity (that is, correctly), then the following signs are observed in women:

  • toxicosis;
  • poor state of health;
  • breast enlargement and soreness;
  • delay in menstrual flow.

But the following signs can signal a danger:

  • painful sensations in the lower abdomen or in the lumbar region, which have an increasing character;
  • scanty spotting of brown;
  • weakness and frequent dizziness;
  • problems with blood pressure.

Can a normal pregnancy test show a pathology?

The main purpose of this test is to identify a "pregnancy hormone" that begins to be produced, regardless of the location of the fertilized egg. In other words, the test shows the presence of both normal pregnancy and abnormal pregnancy. Therefore, it is rather difficult to determine with the help of a conventional test whether the fastening is correct or not. But there are cases, when a pathological pregnancy, he may not show a positive result. Therefore, if you have all the signs of an "interesting situation" (breast augmentation, toxicosis, delay in menstruation), and the test showed one strip, then immediately go to the doctor to determine the causes and diagnose your condition.

The test can also show stripes of different colors: one - a bright hue, and the other - a weak color. In this case, doctors recommend testing several tests at intervals of several hours. If the result is repeated, then immediately go for a consultation with a gynecologist. The sooner the doctor reveals the pathology, the less damage will be done to the woman's health.

In any case, for any suspicion of ectopic pregnancy, consult your doctor. Early diagnosis of pathology will solve the problem with a minimum number of complications.

Today, a wide variety of pregnancy tests can be found on the pharmaceutical market, but none of them is able to show a 100% result of the pathological process. Only a doctor after all the necessary examinations and laboratory tests will be able to determine a normal or ectopic pregnancy.

Therefore, with a long delay in menstruation, do not forget to visit your gynecologist to confirm the fact of pregnancy and its successful course.

How to make a test for ectopic pregnancy?

There are special tests that allow you to diagnose not only the fact of conception, but also pathological violations in the early stages of bearing a child, for example: improper fixation of the fetus, as well as the threat of miscarriage.

Such analyzers are considered quite complex in terms of science, but in life they are easily used by representatives of the weaker sex for home diagnosis. But there is one important condition: testing should be conducted in the first weeks after menstrual delay.

In order for your result to be as precise as possible, the following recommendations should be strictly followed:

  1. Study the instructions for use.
  2. Use only fresh urine for diagnosis.
  3. Use the test cassette immediately after opening.

The modern device in abnormal pregnancy is reliable by 90%, and with the threat of miscarriage - by 65%. As you can see, the figures are quite high, but at the same time not 100%.

Therefore, we remind once again that it is only the doctor who can determine the fact of pathology. If your test shows the presence of an ectopic pregnancy or you have troubling symptoms - immediately go to a doctor.

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