How to determine pregnancy in the early stages

How to determine pregnancy in the early term - with the help of a test, according to sensations, folk methods

Regardless of the desire to have a baby, you must be able to determine pregnancy in the early stages. Of course, do not immediately go to the doctor, because he will not be able to diagnose a pregnancy after several days of delay. During this period, other methods of such diagnostics can be undertaken. So, let's talk more about home, medical and folk ways of determining pregnancy in the early stages.

Diagnosis of pregnancy at home

In our time, women do not go to the doctor at the slightest suspicion of pregnancy. The primary diagnosis can be done at home with the help of pharmacy tests for pregnancy. These funds are sold at different prices, and it depends on the sensitivity of the test. So, the test with the sensitivity index 20 is more reliable than the one with this indicator 25. And it is naturally more expensive. But sensitivity is an opportunity at the earliest possible time to determine the presence of pregnancy, that is, the day after the delay.

Two stripes on the test are a positive reaction to the presence in the urine of the hormone of chorionic gonadotropin of a person present only in the body of a pregnant woman. There is a hormone - there is a pregnancy, and a sensitive test clearly and reliably confirms this.

If you want to make sure of your interesting situation, then you can do a second test the next day. As a rule, in 99% of cases the result will be the same.

We measure the basal temperature

And can we detect the presence of pregnancy in the first days after conception? That is, before the onset of a delay in menstruation? One option is to measure basal temperature. It can be done in the rectum or keep a thermometer in your mouth. It is important to take measurements early in the morning, without getting up from bed, in a state of complete rest. If the thermometer after a probable conception will show 37 consecutive days or more for several consecutive days, then probably you are pregnant.

In this case, one must take into account that the result, that is, the temperature, is influenced by many factors. Even sexual intercourse a few hours before the temperature measurement can provoke its increase. A many factors influence. Even sexual intercourse a few hours before the temperature measurement can provoke its increase. A many factors influence. Even sexual intercourse a few hours before the temperature measurement can provoke its increase. Aeven in the autumn period, this temperature can be an indicator of a beginning catarrhal disease.

Take a blood test

A very accurate method for those who want to learn about pregnancy as early as possible is to give blood to HCG. The fact is that in the blood the hormone of pregnancy is much easier to detect, rather than in the urine. And if the test shows results in the first days after the delay, the blood test will be able to determine the presence of the hCG hormone as early as eight days after conception. With this method of diagnosis, errors are possible in cases where a woman is sick with cancer or takes medications containing this hormone.

Probable signs of pregnancy

Our grandmothers did not have the slightest idea of ??tests, and learned about their pregnancy at the time of 2-3 months. But you can diagnose some signs or symptoms of an interesting situation as you feel.

First, it is a toxicosis. Nausea, vomiting, morning sickness can indicate your interesting situation. But such symptoms do not occur in all pregnant women.

Secondly, pain in the area of ??the mammary glands. Hormonal reorganization of the body, the beginning of the readiness of the breast for the forthcoming lactation can lead to the fact that a woman simply can not touch the mammary glands because of pain. Some of the breasts begin to go colostrum, and the nipples become larger and pigmented.

Thirdly, frequent urination. This symptom is important not to confuse with cystitis, a disease when urination is accompanied by pain.

Fourth, abundant discharge from the vagina. They can be a transparent or yellowish viscous consistency. But this symptom is easily confused with sexually transmitted infections.

Fifth, this change in appetite and craving for salty, sour. By this sign, the state of pregnancy was determined in the old days. And in many women in the early stages of pregnancy this is manifested by craving for cucumbers, nuts, spicy foods. Then such draft passes.

Sixth, some pregnant women begin to feel tired and sleepy. This is a unique reaction of the body to reconstruction and adaptation to the new life that has arisen in it. As a rule, drowsiness also disappears with time.

Now you can independently determine the pregnancy on the first days and weeks, before the visit to the women's consultation. If you diagnose several symptoms at once, well, most likely, the gynecologist will only confirm your diagnosis. Be attentive to yourself and your health!

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