How to determine the gender of the unborn child

How to calculate and determine the gender of the unborn child?

Although most scientists agree on the relationship between the sex of a child and the age of a pregnant woman (the older she is, the greater the probability of a girl's conception), many couples try to plan the birth of their son or daughter.

Planning a child's sex by the date of ovulation

Many married couples are trying to "program" their sex by scientific methods independently before conception. So, it has long been proven that the sex of the baby is laid at the time of conception (fertilization of the egg with a sperm cell). The egg has only the X-chromosome, so everything depends on the sperm, or rather on the chromosome, which it will "bring" to it. If it was an X-chromosome, wait for the girl, if Y is a boy.

And how do you guess the right day for conception in this case? Perhaps this is only during ovulation, which usually occurs in the middle of the menstrual cycle. Spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome, fast their "colleagues" with the X-chromosome, but their ability to "live" in the female reproductive tract is much less. If you have guessed with ovulation, you can be sure that spermatozoa with the Y chromosome will be the first to "get" to the egg and fertilize it. And this means that you will have a boy. But if at the conception time ovulation has not yet come, these spermatozoa will die, "giving way" to spermatozoa with the X chromosome, which are "responsible" for the birth of the girl. That is, for the planning of the sex of the child, the moment of ovulation is very important. With a huge desire to conceive a boy it is advisable to abstain from sexual intercourse before the onset of ovulation for a couple of days.

The French diet for the planning of the sex of the child

The popular method of planning the sex of the child is to observe the so-called "French diet", the main requirement of which is to consume products containing potassium and salt, if the spouses want son, or magnesium and calcium, if desired, conceive a daughter. It is recommended that the diet be strictly enforced for both spouses for 3 weeks before the conception of the child, after which the pregnant woman should adhere to it for seven more weeks.

Updating the blood of the spouses and determining the sex of the child on it

A rather interesting method of determining the sex of a child is a method based on the calculation of blood renewal in spouses. It is known that the process of blood renewal in women occurs every 3 years. For men, this takes 4 years. Following this method, it turns out that the sex of the child depends on the parent whose blood is "fresh." If it is a mother, then wait for the birth of the girl, if the pope is a boy.

This method is simple. Let's look at an example of how to calculate the sex of a child in a married couple, in which the man is 35 years old, and the woman is 27:

35: 4 = 8. 75

27: 3 = 9

That is, the blood of a man is younger - this pair will have a son.

The sex of the child and the blood group of the parents

You can determine the sex of the unborn child and the blood group of the parents, but this method is far from accurate, because many couples have children of different sex. For this method, tables are used with the specified blood groups of the male and female vertically and horizontally, respectively. At the intersection of the blood groups of the spouses, the sex of the unborn child "lies". Following these tables, we can state the following:

  • with the I blood group, both parents expect the birth of a girl;
  • when I group at the mother and II - at the father, wait for the boy;
  • if the woman I group, and the man - III, there will be a girl;
  • there will be a boy at the I blood group of a woman and at IV - a man.

With the second blood group of the future mother, the tablet is repeated exactly the opposite (that is, the boy should start). The same happens when calculating blood groups III and IV - in the first case, it is necessary to "start" with the girl, in the second - with the boy.

Also, when determining the sex of the child, the Rhesus factor of the spouses is also taken into account. For example, if it is the same for both, you should expect the birth of a girl. If future parents were "different", there will be a boy.

Determining the sex of the child with the help of the ancient Chinese table

Even since ancient times, prospective parents tried to find out the gender of their unborn child. One of the simplest known methods that have come down to us is the ancient Chinese table, in which you only need to indicate the month of conception of the baby and the age of the mother at that moment.

Now this table is located in the Beijing Institute of Science, and before that it had been buried in a crypt near Beijing for more than 700 years. The scientists of the Institute claim that the data obtained with its help are correct to within 98% (almost like ultrasound).

The table consists of vertical and horizontal columns. In the first you need to choose your age, and in the second - the month of conception. Where they intersect, and the gender of your unborn child will be indicated.

If you are at the stage of planning a pregnancy and a child's sex, in the row of the table, choose your age and month, which will indicate the gender of the child you need. Then, after counting 9 months, you will receive the date of conception.

Japanese table for determining the sex of the child

For this table, you need to know exactly the dates of birth of both parents and the month of conception.

It is a kind of calendar consisting of two tables, the first of which is to indicate the month of birth of the father and mother and find a figure on the place of their intersection, with the help of which the sex of the child will be planned. This figure must be remembered and found in the second table at the intersection with the month in which you plan to conceive. The child's gender will be indicated in the cell at the intersection of both columns.

Amniopuncture or chorionic biopsy

Both the first and second signify a genetic study of the amniotic fluid (or chorion - tissue, which in later terms is called the placenta). This procedure is unsafe and rather difficult, because during the procedure the doctor needs to take a small sample of the uterine tissue. Assign it to not all pregnant women in order to identify genetic disorders in the child. It is unlikely that any of the doctors will take it for the sole purpose of determining the sex of the baby.

A study of the blood of a future mother

This method is called the most accurate in determining the sex of the child, because in the blood of a woman from early pregnancy contains the DNA of the fetus. So, if you find Y-chromosomes in it, you can say that a boy will be born. If they do not, wait for the girl. But it is worth noting that, despite the accuracy of the method, it is very expensive and far beyond each family's pocket.

Determining the sex of the child with ultrasound

Consider the sex of the baby when performing ultrasound can be in the second trimester of pregnancy and then, provided that he does not decide to get boorish and turn to you booty. From the period of pregnancy and the experience of a doctor, the accuracy of determining the sex of a child depends to a large extent. According to experts, the most accurate identification of the baby's sex is possible from the 15th week of pregnancy.

Popular signs in determining the sex of the child

And you can try to "solve" this "problem" and with a smile, trusting the age-old observations of our ancestors. Here are some of them:

  • if a future mother, who is on a long pregnancy, has a waist (when to look at her from behind), a boy will be born;
  • Boys are more active in the mother's womb;
  • women suffering from toxicosis, often give birth to girls;
  • if the pregnant woman is constantly drawn to the sweet - there will be a girl, if on the meat - a boy;
  • the smaller the interval between births, the higher the probability of a child of another sex;
  • when round, like a ball, belly, which grows forward and is slightly sharpened, you will have a son;
  • when the girl is waiting for the girl, the belly becomes spherical, round and wide;
  • If the pregnancy has not changed your appearance, it is also for the boy (after all, as the folk wisdom asserts, the girl takes beauty from her mother, by the way, it should be noted that many doctors agree with this belief).

You can use one of the above methods to determine the sex of the child (or pass all the proposed "tests"). You can completely trust the results of ultrasound, which is also sometimes mistaken. And you can compare all the results obtained using various methods and tables with ultrasound scores and draw your conclusions, which may be needed when planning the next pregnancy. But it will be best to wait patiently for the birth of a child, after all, you will agree that the main thing is not to become a child, but to be healthy.

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