How to ease the pain in fights

How to ease the pain in fights

Move on!

Practice shows that the lying woman in the womb is very hard to tolerate pain during fights. And the movement alleviates the painful spasms of many pregnant women. In addition, moving in fights, changing the position of the body, Mom helps and her baby. Walking during labor improves blood circulation, which helps to reduce painful spasms.

But you can move in many ways. Earlier, in the old days, a woman in the period of labor had to go around the whole house, open all the locks and untie the knots. This signified the symbolic opening of the birth canal and the willingness of the woman herself to give birth.

Today in some maternity hospitals, the use of a special ball in fights and the implementation of circular motions on the pelvis are practiced on it.

Facilitates fights and standing posture with a leaning forward and support on the couch, couch. It can be used from time to time between walking. It is also recommended, if desired, to occupy the reclining position by placing a pillow between the legs. Some women want to squat in the fights.

You can just shake your hips, imitating a dance. It is not for nothing that the most prosperous in the issue of delivery are the women of India who practice oriental dances. Such jiggling of the hips relax the muscles of the perineum, contribute to the rapid opening of the cervix.


Women in the forums share their experience of pain relief. Many speak in favor of a pose on all fours, while they recommend breathing during the fight, and the husband (sister, mother, if the childbirth partner) should do an easy massage of the waist. If there is no one to help from close ones in the fights, then with this woman, you can recommend to do the massage yourself: from behind, stroke the sides of the lower back, and the stomach with circular movements of the palms along the sides.


Proper breathing in bouts is the key to a successful and healthy delivery. When the contractions begin, you need to inhale with your nose, counting to four, and breathe out with your mouth, counting to six. That is, the essence consists in a shorter inspiration than an exhalation. This allows you to relax the muscles, fill the body with oxygen.

If the nature of the bouts becomes more intense, then breathing can be applied "dog-like," that is, superficial. In this case, the mouth should be ajar, and portions of the inhaled air are small and frequent.

Practice shows that such breathing will help ease the pain in bouts, and you do not need to be ashamed of breathing. After all, the main thing is for you and the baby to feel comfortable.


An excellent way to relieve pain during bouts is to stay in the water. Yes, Not all maternity hospitals practice such relief of labor and delivery in the water, but in many of them, the mothers can take a warm bath during the period of labor. Being in the water, we almost do not feel the weight of the body, but it perceives water as a massage. The warmth of the water warms the muscles, relaxes them and thus reduces the pain of the woman.

The World Health Organization recommends not to stop women from occupying the pose that will be optimal for reducing pain. The future mother must decide for himself which position is most convenient for her. After all, the main thing in labor is self-control and calmness.

A pregnant woman should pre-arm herself with knowledge about proper behavior during childbirth. And for this purpose all future mothers are offered to attend special courses for parents. In these classes, specialists will teach you the technique of proper breathing during labor, massages. If you decide that childbirth will be a partnership, then in practice, the future daddy will learn how to massage and help his wife.

So, there are many ways to ease the pain in the bouts. Practice in advance, prepare for childbirth well in advance and remember that the main thing is to remain calm and listen to medical personnel.

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