How to Get Pregnant

How quickly to become pregnant and what to do, if it does not work out?

Advice for men

Most men are confident that the task of getting pregnant completely depends on the woman.

But in our time doctors adhere to a different position:

  1. If you and your wife are going to have a baby, then it's time to pull yourself together and quit smoking. Do not forget that both tobacco and alcohol contain poison that penetrates the seminal fluid. Remember that these two enemies reduce the activity of spermatozoa, that is, their ability to fertilize a healthy egg.
  2. Move a little more, sit smaller to avoid stagnation in the pelvic area. For this, wear comfortable, non-squeezing clothes and spacious pants. Overheating, like hypothermia, also has a negative effect on the activity of spermatozoa. Your enemy is also a mobile phone in your trouser pocket. Naturally, the inability of a woman to become pregnant can lie entirely with you.
  3. Keep optimism of your half and do not cause negative emotions. Stress, which brings a man into the house, negatively affects the ability of a woman to become pregnant by suppressing ovulation.

What should a woman do?

  1. Medical examination. Before you attempt to become pregnant, make sure that you are healthy, that the body is capable of normal bearing and there are no chronic diseases. Start taking folic acid - it reduces the risk of congenital malformations of the child.
  2. Do not forget about the cycle, ovulation. It is important to know exactly your favorable periods for conception and to use them optimally. If your cycle lasts 28 days, then wait for ovulation at 14.
  3. Do not listen to myths about correct postures, but rather lie down after sex. So the probability of getting sperm into the uterus increases.
  4. Do not rape your husband during the period of ovulation. Frequent ejaculations are weak sperm.
  5. Avoid stress. Nervousness, including obsession with the desire to become pregnant, will not help, but rather will play against you.
  6. A healthy lifestyle. Sport is its component, but excessive loads can lead to the absence of ovulation. It is better to switch to light half-hour training, aerobics, and force exercises temporarily say "goodbye". About smoking and its effect on the fetus, the ability to become pregnant is known to everyone. But for some reason this recommendation is forgotten. But nicotine affects ovulation and even causes its absence.

And now the various signs

Want, believe, no, but sometimes people's signs are working, and if possible, you can make sure of it on your own. The main thing is that there is nothing difficult and harmful in them.

So, what is recommended to increase the chances of getting pregnant:

  1. Start a ficus at home.
  2. Sit in the chair where the pregnant woman was sitting before you.
  3. Drink from the cup from which the pregnant woman drank.
  4. Stroke the belly of the future mother.
  5. Change the situation. Usually from the sea, mountains or Egypt women come back in an interesting position.

According to statistics, 85% of women become pregnant during the first year of their attempts. If the year has passed, and attempts have not been successful, then you need to see a doctor. This is especially true for women older than 35 years. Perhaps you will be recommended for in vitro fertilization (IVF). This is also a chance to have your own child.

In any case, do not despair, because each pair has its own favorable moments and periods for the onset of pregnancy.

Good luck and good health!

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