How to get pregnant

How to quickly become pregnant - effective ways

Let's try to understand and consider the effective advice of physicians and traditional medicine.

Consultation with a doctor

You have nothing hurts, the cycle is regular, the general state of health is fine, and pregnancy does not occur? Time to go to a women's consultation and undergo a medical examination. If the examination reveals some health problems, It is necessary to strictly follow the advice of a doctor and undergo an additional examination, a course of treatment if necessary. If you are all right, then maybe your husband's problems? No? Then just have the patience and try to plan the conception clearly for the period of ovulation.

By the way, it is not superfluous to drink a cycle of vitamins and start taking folic acid (vitamin B9). They will significantly reduce the risk of neurologic defects of the unborn child.

More about ovulation

A woman of childbearing age can conceive a child 1-2 days a month, and not every menstrual cycle. A period favorable for conception is called "ovulation." At this time, the egg is fully ready for fusion with the sperm. Therefore, a safe way to conceive is to have sex during the period of ovulation. How can you calculate it?

You can buy special tests for ovulation. Another option is to keep track of your well-being in the middle of the cycle. Usually ovulation is accompanied by a tide of sexual desire and an increase in vaginal discharge. This period lasts no more than two days. That's how much an egg lives, not fertilized by a sperm.

But sometimes conception occurs during sexual intercourse and before the onset of ovulation. After all, spermatozoa of a healthy man have the ability to be active in the female reproductive tract for several days. Therefore, one single sperm is sufficient for conception.

About poses

There is no unequivocal opinion about the most successful pose for conception. Sometimes in women, the cervix is ??in a more convenient position for conception. For some couples, this is the man's position behind. There is an opinion that in some positions the flow of spermatozoa slows down. But these are just assumptions.

You can often hear that for the effectiveness of conception after sex, a woman should lie with her legs raised. But judge for yourself: your legs are up, and the position of the pelvis does not change at the same time! That is, the success of conception will not affect it in any way. Perhaps it's better to just lie down for a few minutes after making love. So sperm will be easier to get into the uterus, and spermatozoa - to merge with the eggs.

It is also important not to overdo with having sex during ovulation. You do not need to exhaust each other, because the quality of male sperm with frequent ejaculations is significantly reduced. To increase the chances of getting pregnant, it's enough to make love 1-2 times a day.

Advice to men: to make spermatozoa more active, you should not wear tight or tight clothes at all. The quality of spermatozoa is also adversely affected by frequent visits to the sauna and the habit of wearing a mobile phone on the belt.

Take care of your well-being

Unsuccessful attempts to conceive a child lead to stress of both partners. Nervousness is not the best way to affect the ovulation of a woman and badly affects the activity of male sperm. Therefore, it is worth trying such methods of relaxation and improvement of well-being as acupuncture and massage.

A healthy lifestyle when planning pregnancy is not a fanatical enthusiasm for your favorite sport. Do you love fitness? Reduce activity and load. Instead of three classes per week, attend one. The same applies to physical activity of men. But a healthy diet and stay in the fresh air will not be superfluous any longer. Ideally, such a noble goal, like the conception of a child, could serve as an incentive to stop smoking a spouse.

Many young women are too addicted to all sorts of diets. The result of this can be depletion of the body and the creation of an unfavorable background for conception. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and become a mother, then you will have to choose one of two.

Folk remedies

An effective method of folk medicine to stimulate conception is a decoction of one-sided orthosis. 2 tbsp. Spoons of ortilia (flowers and leaves) should be brewed in 30 ml of boiling water, put the mixture for 10 minutes on a fire. Filtered broth drink 1 tbsp. l. 3-4 times a day. It is also useful to eat pumpkin flesh, because it contains vitamin E - the regulator of the female hormonal balance.

When female infertility is useful apple cider vinegar. Honey and apple cider vinegar on one tablespoon can be added in infusion ortilia or taken with water before meals.

An interesting recommendation of people's medicine is based on syringing with a weak solution of soda before sexual intercourse. Some women claim that it helps and from thrush, and creates ideal conditions for sperm in the vagina.

Do not dwell too much on the theme of conception. Much depends on the psychological mood, and even on the changing of the situation. And try to go with your husband to the mountains!

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