How to get rid of a headache during pregnancy

How to get rid of a headache during pregnancy?

It's no wonder that many pregnant women are interested in the question: what needs to be done to get rid of the headache? Let's look at it together.

Why do pregnant women have headaches?

Often headaches disturb women in the first and last months of pregnancy, and this phenomenon has a natural explanation. The fact is that from the first days of pregnancy in the woman's body there are cardinal changes and, first of all, it concerns the hormonal background. That's why pregnant women are suffering headaches in the first trimester. Besides, severe pain is often accompanied by nausea.

In the third trimester, the headache is caused by a significant depletion of the future mother's body, since it works in a strengthened mode, and the kid constantly needs useful substances that he derives from the mother's body. Do not forget that the weight of the pregnant woman in the last few months "increases" a little, which also affects her health and the appearance of a headache.

In most cases, during pregnancy, women suffer from tension headache (HDN). The main reasons for its appearance are psychological stress and severe stress. With HDN pain is given to the frontal, temporal and occipital part of the head.

Also causes of pain during pregnancy can be:

  • autonomic dysfunction (throbbing pain);
  • disturbance of venous circulation in the brain (squeezing pain);
  • Toxicosis: early and late (squeezing pain, a symptom arises in the morning and in the evening).

In addition, a painful condition can occur against the background of fatigue, and sometimes even feelings of hunger.

There are a lot of reasons for the occurrence of a headache, and for each of them there are certain means that allow not only to get rid of torment, but also to avoid a painful condition.

What methods will help pregnant women prevent a headache?

During pregnancy it is very important to create the most comfortable conditions for a pregnant woman. Stress and nervous tension provoke a headache, so a woman in a position should avoid such situations.

It is also worth to avoid the place where people smoke or there are sharp smells. Try to spend more time outdoors. Hiking will help you relax and get pleasant emotions. Do yoga and meditation: such exercises perfectly not only prevent the appearance of a headache, but also strengthen the body. Also, do not forget to ventilate the room every day, where the future mother is.

Well, of course, food. Pregnant women need to eat on time, and do not forget that the dishes should be balanced and useful. In addition, it is very important to comply with the drinking regime.

Have more rest, get enough sleep, think only of good - and no pain will bother you.

What should I do if I have a headache during pregnancy?

Women in the situation, like all people, are not immune from the headache, even if all of the above recommendations are observed. Yes, sometimes you can just endure it. But there are cases when the pain is too strong, and then the pregnant women have a reasonable question: how to get rid of it, can not you do without medication?

Optional! Although a tablet of citramone does not harm your baby, it is better to refuse this method. To get rid of the pain, you can use simple and, importantly, non-medicamentous ways.

First, relax and close your eyes, try to get some sleep. Greatly calms and relieves tension light music, you can also use aromatherapy.

Massage also helps to relieve the headache, especially in the head and neck, as well as the shoulder area. Ask your spouse or one of the relatives to perform the procedure, because self-massage will not allow you to completely relax and achieve the desired result. Let your loved one massage the temporal and occipital part of the head, as well as the shoulders. Massage manipulations will help to activate blood circulation and relieve tension, as a result of which pain will pass.

The cause of a painful symptom in pregnant women may be nasal congestion. In this case, it is necessary to clean them. The doctor will help you to find the most safe remedy. But you can use the "grandmother's recipes." For example, effectively clean the nasal congestion of the nasal canal massage and inhalation procedures.

Can I use medication against a headache during pregnancy?

The most widely used medications for headaches are Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Paracetamol, No-shpa. But is it possible to take them during pregnancy?

The first two types of drugs (Ibuprofen, Aspirin) are forbidden during pregnancy, since they can harm a baby and disrupt the circulation in his body. In addition, drugs can provoke a miscarriage.

As for Paracetamol, it is often prescribed to future mothers. Although the drug is considered quite safe, yet, it is recommended to take it only as a last resort and after the appointment of a doctor.

Often an appointed drug during pregnancy is No-shpa. The medication is used for any pain and spasms. To relieve the headache during pregnancy, doctors recommend using No-shp together with valerian.

Preventive measures and the implementation of all medical recommendations - the best means for headache. If you feel unwell, do not self-medicate, first consult with your doctor. Usually the headache goes away if you eliminate the irritating factor, which you can only calculate together with a specialist.

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