How to get rid of toxemia during pregnancy

How to get rid of toxemia during pregnancy

How to get rid of toxemia during pregnancy?

Let's look at the most popular and effective methods of combating toxicosis.

Method one: diet

To get rid of the unpleasant manifestations of toxicosis in the early stages of pregnancy will allow the correct diet. We recommend that you eat often, in small portions, with all the food should be only warm, in no case hot.

Method two: drinking mode

To cope with attacks of nausea will help the use of a sufficient amount of liquid, in particular, mineral water without gas (not less than 1. 5 liters per day). Very help decoction of herbs, such as: chamomile, dog rose, caraway seeds, mint. To prepare such an "antitoxic" drink, you just need to fill any of the proposed herbs with boiling water and insist for a few minutes. If desired, you can add lemon and honey to the herbal tea. Ginger tea also helps to get rid of nausea.

The third method: healthy and healthy food

Correct nutrition will help to overcome toxicosis. That's why doctors recommend to follow a diet for pregnant women, which completely excludes the use of smoked products, chocolate, fatty and spicy foods, carbonated drinks, as well as products with preservatives and flavors. Of course, if you want something sweet or salty, then you can afford a cucumber or a chocolate, but only in small quantities.

The fourth method: taking vitamins and minerals

As is known, one of the most common causes of toxicosis is a deficiency in the body of pregnant vitamins and minerals. That is why, from the very beginning of pregnancy it is recommended to take a special complex of vitamins, in which vitamins B, E, C and folic acid must necessarily be present. However, remember that even your vitamin complex should be prescribed by your doctor.

Method Five: special nutrition

It is proved that foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates and B vitamins significantly reduce the manifestation of toxicosis. For example, an egg, hard-boiled and toast from rye bread - not only a wonderful and healthy breakfast, but also excellent prevention of toxicosis.

Sixth Method: Active Lifestyle

If you are a victim of toxicosis, we recommend that you visit the outdoors as often as possible and avoid stuffy rooms that exacerbate attacks of nausea. Also get rid of toxicosis will help yoga or fitness for pregnant women, morning exercises and a contrast shower.

Some "tricks" that will help cope with toxemia:

  • If immediately after awakening you feel a fit of nausea - do not rush to jump from the bed. Lie down for a few minutes, then try to eat cracker, cracker, cookies. You can cook these foods from the evening or ask your husband to bring an "antitoxicose breakfast" to bed;
  • Try to be as nervous as possible, since the cause of toxicosis can be banal stress or even the slightest excitement. Cope with the emotions will help essential oils of mint, lavender, bergamot, as well as daytime sleep;
  • In case of acute attacks of nausea, it is recommended to chew dried fruits.

Well, finally, we note that the strong smells of perfume and cooking fumes, as well as the smell of tobacco, only increase toxicosis, so take care of yourself and often ventilate the room. Also, choose the right clothes and do not wear too tight underwear.

If none of the proposed ways to combat toxemia does not help you, then consult a doctor. Moreover, many women cope with toxicosis is helped only by medicamental treatment. However, pills and drugs for toxicosis can be prescribed only by a doctor.

Be healthy!

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