How to give birth to a healthy child

How to conceive and give birth to a healthy child


Special attention to one's own health at the planning stage

In order for a pregnancy to proceed without complications, and in 9 months a healthy baby was born, it is necessary to prepare for an "interesting situation". To do this, you need a consultation of a doctor who specializes in planning. He will give competent consultation and will direct on all necessary analyzes. At what it is necessary to examine not only a woman, but also a man, since the health of his offspring directly depends on his health. Diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases, as well as various hereditary, will help in time to eliminate the problem and increase the chances of a healthy baby. Viruses of herpes simplex, rubella, cytomegalovirus infection, enterovirus, adenovirus, HIV infection, hepatitis B and C are dangerous for the baby. It is also necessary to diagnose and cure diseases caused by various bacteria. For example, chlamydia, streptococci, staphylococci, treponema, listeria and others.

It is often necessary to consult a narrow specialist, such as a therapist, oculist, neurologist, cardiologist, etc. A woman preparing for pregnancy will be sent to the ultrasound.

In order to give birth to a healthy and strong baby, experts advise that for the conception of a child choose the period "end of summer - beginning of autumn". In their opinion, this is the most favorable time, because staying in the fresh air and sun, vitamin-rich foods, the absence of viral infections - all these are only favorable factors.

Also, wanting to give birth to a healthy child, try to do it before 35 years. After this age, the risk of having children with various health problems increases.

Down with bad habits!

A truism, but many, for some reason and do not find the strength to cope with this task. And if you exclude alcohol for many not so difficult (yes, and even one beer a week!), Then with cigarettes the situation is much more complicated. Meanwhile, the whole world community screams all over how badly affects nicotine on the formation and development of the fetus. Reduce the number of smoked cigarettes to 2, or even one per day. And then completely part with this addiction. The best option is if you quit smoking 3-4 months before you start with your husband "work" to create your "masterpiece". For those who have never smoked and are not going to, we advise you not to be in a room where others do it. After all, passive smoking also affects your health badly and affects the fetus.


Hooray! The test showed two treasured stripes, and ultrasound confirmed that a new life was born under your heart! Take care of it. Remember that the most important period of an "interesting situation" is the first trimester (12 weeks). It is at this time is the laying of the baby's organs. Therefore, now you need to carefully monitor your health. So, what do we do?

We pass examinations and analyzes

If during planning you passed most of the tests to determine a variety of infections and diseases, now they do not have to pass. If not, then the main "pregnant" analyzes will also need to be handed over to them. Remember that viral infections can lead to miscarriage or cause malformations of the fetus. And you want to give birth to a healthy baby, right?

Listen to the doctor's recommendations. Follow the ultrasound to exclude various pathologies and adjust their actions in case it is necessary. Throughout the pregnancy, ultrasound examinations are 3 to 6 times, depending on the need.

Eating properly

Nutrition of the future mother is incredibly important for the birth of a healthy child. Being in the womb, the baby receives food through the blood. Therefore, the quality of maternal blood directly affects the development of the fetus and the lack of certain substances can lead to the formation of various pathologies in the child.

And this is the pathology of the brain, and the spine, and a variety of others (for example, such as "hare's lip" and "wolf's mouth").

For a long time, or better forever, forget about fast foods, chips, colored soda, chewing gum, candy with a dubious composition. Just do not eat fruits and vegetables "out of season," because they have a large percentage of different chemistry, which for the benefit just does not go. Do not be lazy to prepare a full meal, because in the semi-finished products there is a large number of preservatives and other chemicals.

Do not eat fatty, fried and salted. Limit the consumption of sweet and flour dishes. But while your food should be varied. Cereals, fish, meat, vegetables, fruits, greens, sour-milk products - the choice of "right" products is wide, so do not worry, that you will not have anything to eat. Fish and meat are irreplaceable sources of protein. Calcium, which is contained in cottage cheese and another "sour milk", is simply necessary for both mother and baby. It is needed to maintain the health of women, as well as for the proper formation of the fetus, in the first place, its skeleton and teeth. Make sure that the products from which you cook your food were not only natural, but also fresh.

Pay special attention to products containing folic acid. Its shortage in the early stages of pregnancy can cause a variety of pathologies in the fetus.

Look for folic acid in dark green leafy vegetables. This and broccoli, and spinach, and sorrel, and Brussels sprouts. It is also found in some citrus, cheese, liver. Bread, made from wholemeal flour, as well as yeast, also rich in folic acid.

Drink as much as you want, but at least two liters of liquid per day. The water you drink must be clean and fresh. Do not forget about fruit drinks and compotes. But try to forget about coffee on the contrary.

Watch your weight. The correct increase in weight is an indicator of the normal and timely development of the baby. Doctors say that the optimal weight gain for the entire pregnancy should not exceed 12 kilograms.

Vitamins and medications

Remember that taking medications and various dietary supplements during pregnancy is highly undesirable. In individual cases, if the health of a mother or baby requires it, let us assume a certain number of medicines. But any, even spam harmless in your opinion pill, you need to take only with the consent and permission of the doctor.

However, pregnant women are often recommended vitamins. But these are also separate drugs designed for the body of a pregnant woman, so any vitamins from the pharmacy will not work. It is especially important that a pregnant woman take iron, iodine, folic acid preparations (B9). But you need to drink vitamins only in the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Otherwise, you can seriously harm yourself and the baby.

Monitor your health

Minimizing the health condition during your baby's bearing affects his health. Therefore, if you want to give birth to a healthy child, try to protect yourself: avoid contact with viruses. Your body is already vulnerable, because now it works with a double load, why the immunity is slightly weakened. Try not to travel in public transport. Wash your hands often. During periods of outbreaks, lubricate the nasal mucosa with oksolin ointment. Keep laberoobion close at hand.

Reduce, and if possible, completely eliminate contact with domestic animals, especially cats. They can cause toxoplasmosis - a dangerous disease for a pregnant woman. Having infected with toxoplasmosis in the second trimester, the risk of increased intracranial pressure, mental retardation, epilepsy and blindness in a child increases by 20%. In the third trimester, the probability of the disease, in case of infection, is 50-60%. So take care of yourself!

Calm, just calm!

This phrase from the famous cartoon must now be repeated as a mantra. No nervous stress! Yes, it is difficult and not always possible to apply in practice, but you should try to follow this rule as much as possible. Try to understand that stress and worry greatly affect what your baby will later be.

Create a pleasant environment at home. Up to the point that make the husband repaint the walls, because you so want them to become gently pink in color! Try to receive only positive emotions. Go to concerts and exhibitions, draw, sing. However, do what pleases you. And do not forget to smile more often)))

We rest, go for walks, do "pregnant" sports

After learning about their pregnancy, some women try to "protect" themselves: to lie on the couch, reading magazines or watching TV. Undoubtedly, rest is the golden rule of pregnancy. A nap, if there is a desire, too. But not 24 hours a day! You need moderate and carefully planned physical activity. Complexes of exercises, specially designed for pregnant women, will do just fine.

If possible, sign up for swimming. And even better - for aqua aerobics for expectant mothers. So you can strengthen the muscles of the back, abdomen, pelvis and prepare for the upcoming birth. Moreover, moving, you contribute to the flow of oxygen into the placenta, and this is vital for the baby.

Try to walk more often in the forest or at least the city park. Admire the trees, watch the birds, insects, listen to the noise of foliage.

In general, tune in for a positive and live for fun! Let your baby be healthy and happy!

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