How to increase libido in women after birth

How to increase libido in women after childbirth?

Fortunately, with time the sex drive is restored, but it's not necessary to wait until everything returns to normal. Increase libido in a woman giving birth can be and with the help of a few simple, but at the same time, effective ways. We will tell you about them today! But first let's remember what causes can cause a decrease in sexual activity in the postpartum period.

Causes of decreased libido in newly mummified

The decline in sexual activity after delivery can occur for two main reasons.

  1. Physiological changes. During the nine months of pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding, a significant hormonal change occurs in the body of the woman, which also provokes a decline in intimate relationships on the part of the partner. Negative impact on sexual desire and the presence of diseases of the genitourinary system: candidiasis, vaginismus, etc. In this case, you need to visit a doctor and undergo a course of therapy. In the postpartum period, many women use contraceptives to prevent an unplanned pregnancy. However, not many people know that a decrease in libido is a side effect of many oral medications.
  2. A psychological factor is the most common cause of a decrease in libido in a spouse after delivery. Almost half of young mothers suffer from postpartum depression, and if they add fatigue, lack of sleep, stress, dissatisfaction with appearance, what sex can be talked about. Also do not forget that childbirth is a complex and painful process. Of course, a woman has a fear of feeling pain again, and this significantly worsens the quality of intimacy.

It takes time for the young mother's body to recover. It can be six months, and sometimes more. How long this period will last depends on many factors: does someone help newly mummy care for crumbs, does it get emotional support, sleeps out, does not feed normally. "In one fell swoop," it is impossible to resume the sexual activity of a woman who has just given birth, but it is possible to accelerate this process.

Is the mission feasible, or how to return sex after giving birth?

After the birth of a crumb every woman needs a special atmosphere, where there will be no room for stress and emotions. Of course, so that Mom returned to the form, it takes some time, but it can be shortened with fairly simple methods.

Time for yourself!

Qualitative rest is the first step to establishing a sexual life after the birth of a child. The troubles about the baby and sleepless nights, of course, have a negative impact on the well-being of the newly mummy: she is very tired, and thoughts of intimacy go to the last plane.

But even in such a busy schedule you need to find time for yourself. Give the opportunity to relatives to spend time with the baby, and during this time you try to sleep properly, take a bath with aromatic oils, have a romantic evening with a partner. Such activities will provide an opportunity to relax and help tune in to an intimate mood.

Secrets of Harmony

Many sexologists recommend giving birth to women more to walk in the fresh air and walk barefoot, especially along the sandy shore. Also, experts advise partners to perform a foot massage for their half, because it is in this part that there are points massaging which it is possible to increase its libido.

Therapy with essential oils

Many will be surprised, but aromatic oils cause sexual passion in women. They can be used for massage, especially erotic. Exciting effect, for example, have the following oils: citrus, ylang, geranium, sandalwood. Tactile contact and aromatherapy will have an unforgettable effect.


There is no need to wait for a woman to be ready for sex, this period can be prolonged. To increase the libido in the postpartum period is helped by bold experiments in sexual life. Try to bring some changes to the intimate life: change the poses, try different sexual games and toys, arrange a joint viewing of the erotic film, prolong the time of foreplay, and try to have sex more often. Such innovations will not only return affinity to your life after delivery, but will also give you experience of hitherto unknown emotions.


A balanced and healthy diet is the easiest way to increase the libido of a woman giving birth. However, nursing mother with the expansion of her menu should be extremely careful not to provoke an allergic reaction in the baby.

Preference should be given to those products that contain vitamins A and E, as well as zinc, magnesium and manganese. Scientists have proven that these components have a positive effect on increasing sexual desire. In the diet of a young mother should be present fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, greens, nuts, poultry meat, beef, fish, seafood.

Physical Activity

This method will help restore the woman to the old forms and, accordingly, increase confidence in her own attractiveness. In addition, do not forget that physical activity positively affects the performance of all systems and organs of the body. Do gymnastics, do fitness, sign up for the pool or dance. If this is not possible, then do the exercises at home.

Pharmaceutical preparations

Take oral drugs to increase libido during lactation, of course, not worth it, because they can hurt the baby. But gels and lubricants of topical application can significantly improve the quality of sexual life. Give preference to those products that contain no dyes and harmful components, but which have a quality certificate.

When to run to the doctor?

If after the birth of a baby intimate relationships between spouses went into a blind corner, then specialists can not do without the help.

The drop in libido in the postpartum period can be affected by a variety of reasons: from health problems to prolonged depression. In any case, a doctor's consultation will not hurt.

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